Ecological cleaning: The best tricks for day to day

It is useless to have a home well decorated and the last if we neglect order and cleanliness. Taking advantage of the fact that natural trends are becoming more fashionable, we want to take the opportunity to present the best tricks for ecological and natural cleaning.

Besides taking care of the planet you will enjoy a more sustainable cleaning. You sign up? It is easier than it seems to be. So grab pencil and paper and take notes. Let’s do it!

Ecological cleaning
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Impeccable kitchen

We will start with one of the rooms that most cost to keep in perfect condition: the kitchen. A good trick to keep the stainless steel fittings shiny is to rub them with flour. But if you want to remove stains, try lemon juice and a soft cloth.

For the lime that accumulates in the faucets it is best to use a vinegar solution. Apply the product and let it act overnight. The next morning, he clears the surface. Although the lemon can also be a good ally to eliminate lime in the faucet. And if you cannot access with a cloth or rag to those small corners, try using a rod (like the ears).

The trash bin is another of our great cleaning challenges. Is it possible to eliminate the odor once and for all, in a natural way? Yes, it is possible, you only have to use citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit or orange.

With the cube perfectly clean, squeeze the juice from any of these fruits and pour it into the bottom of the cube. Then wait for it to dry. Then you can put the trash bag. Weekly wipe a damp cloth with water and reapply some citrus juice.

Ecological cleaning
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Textiles and small children

When we have small children at home keeping clean is an impossible mission. For example, how many times have you found gum stuck in your children’s clothes or in the textiles of the children’s room? Let not hysteria come, because it has an easy solution.

Rub the gum with ice cubes until it cools completely. Then you can remove it without problems. But if it costs you, rub it again with the ice cube.

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Bright wood as the first day

The lacquered surfaces have a special shine that is most elegant. Now, do you know how they should be cleaned without damaging the material and without losing that characteristic shine? The ideal is to use a simple cloth dampened in water and to dry it with another rag. But nothing to use chemical detergents that instead of removing stains will be abrasive to the surface.

And speaking of wood, a good rinse aid for furniture made in this material is olive oil. Only apply the oil with a cloth on the furniture to achieve a shiny and hydrated surface.

Ecological cleaning
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Shining crystals

And for the crystals? Here’s a simple cleaning trick, you just need 250 ml of water and 60 ml of alcohol vinegar. Mix both ingredients and apply on crystals and mirrors. Finally, remove the remains with kitchen paper. This trick can also be valid for cleaning the bathroom partition.

Recovers the shine of metals

Another great ally of natural cleansing is salt. Really useful for recovering the gloss of metal surfaces. Just mix together salt, flour and vinegar. Make a paste with these ingredients that you must apply to the surface with the aid of a cloth.

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