DIY: Wooden shelf and ropes

Today I intend to put to work to create your own shelf fully customized. A structure with several shelves, as you want and the size you prefer, for which only need a rope and wood. It is perfect to decorate Nordic environments and vintage, giving a touch very cool to stay thanks to the use of wood and texture of the rope. I bring several proposals to take inspiration, but first let the creative process…

Wooden shelf
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What materials do you need?

  • Wooden boards, will depend on how many rows you want to put, three may be more than enough.
  • Rope, more or less thick, brown, other colors … To calculate the length remember you have to make knots along the way, so you will need longer.
  • Hooks hold.
  • Colorless varnish (for untreated wood).
  • Drill, ruler, level and pencil.

Making this rope and wood shelf, step by step

If the wood is very rustic the sand can give a little before varnish. Buyer slats and treaties do not have to be sanded nor varnished. Mark in the table the point where going to make holes through which pass the rope, measuring the rule so that they are at the same distance from each other.

Wooden shelf
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The ropes

When you have holes, go past the rope and make knots on each side so that it is set at the height you prefer. Use the level to fit well straight, or if not everything you put on your new bookshelf end up on the floor…

Hanging shelf

You can hook your shelf on the wall at a single point, so that completion remains up in a triangle, or you can put two sockets on each side of the rack to hang by colons. You can also put thin slats from which to hang the shelf, for example, if you want to make corner.

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Decorative details

Now it fills this pretty shelf of your most precious objects. It is a very simple and effective structure, so surely what you put in it will have much prominence. Depending on the air you want to give can put one thing or another, for example, if you like the style vintage can be great a camera old, or some natural flowers beside some books, or if you prefer a touch sailor can put a small lighthouse, or if what you like are the Nordic environments nothing better than a small wooden.

Wooden shelf
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As you will see, the process of this craft is similar in all cases but varying terminations are, as to the rope, which may be thicker, thinner, natural tone of a rope or vivid color; how we hang on the wall and can be fixed by a point or more, and what we put inside, those details that will make a difference and that will still be a much more personalized design.

This is in order to keep any room where you fancy place in a child or in your office, for example, because it is well suited to all types of rooms and environments. Wood is easily combinable and the results are very effective.

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