How to decorate with paniculata


How to decorate with paniculata

The paniculata is a flower that is mostly used in wedding decoration, but also can put in your own home to design a very romantic place, as its features make it a very simple but very personality flower. Perfect for rustic environments, this wildflower is perfectly suited to all environments, as their beauty and delicacy are always welcome. Today I’ll show you several ideas for decorating with paniculata, so you discover everything you can offer.

Its origin

The paniculata is a wild flower whose origin is in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Siberia. It consists of a fine white flower clusters with an easily combinable, elegant and very distinguished tone for a beautiful floral decoration.


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In glass jars

One of the nicest ways to place paniculata is in glass jars. You can use the types Mason Jars or use some old bottle.


If paniculata is well with almost all the flowers, it is also perfectly combinable with all kinds of materials. You can place it in a small wooden box, for example, for decoration vintage with that country and rustic touch so characteristic.

Cages, watering cans or metal pails

Another way to put these flowers is placing them inside a metal cage or other container of this material such as buckets or watering cans.


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Decoration invites calm

It is said that paniculata has some healing abilities and, therefore, is a flower that can be used to decorate where you want to encourage concentration and relaxation, since there is research say it is a species that provides peace and quiet. Ideal, for example, for office or study area.

Wedding decoration with paniculata

This flower is very much used in weddings for both bouquets pinned to the groom, hair arrangements and, of course, for decoration. And they are tender, light, elegant and romantic, perfect for creating a beautiful centerpiece in such celebrations, to decorate the chairs or create a beautiful decorative corner for the link, placing them in a glass jars on a nacelles wood or old suitcases, for example.

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A very grateful decoration

Like I said before, being so beautiful, elegant and simple at the same time creates a very effective decoration. It can be used to complement a floral arrangement because it combines well with other flowers and adds volume, or alone.


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How to combine paniculata

What other flowers paniculata is the well? Well, you can create a spectacular design if you combine with buttercups, with peonies and roses. If you put other flower has a more intense color contrast with the white paniculata and the result is spectacular. You can also make the whole composition in white, relaxing and very elegant.

Ramos volume or small florets

The paniculata allows you to create some flower arrangements with lots of volume, because if you put lot of this flower will get make a pretty big bouquet, although you use one. Another option is precisely the opposite, i.e., place small bunches, as a detail in containers that I mentioned above you.

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