How To Glue The Ceiling Plinth?

How to glue the ceiling plinth?

How To Glue The Ceiling Plinth?

At first glance, it may seem that gluing the ceiling plinth without any help would not cause great difficulties. But on closer examination, this is a little different. We will help with advice on how to glue the ceiling plinth.

When to use ceiling baseboards

Special ceiling plinths are used as room decor, but the most important advantage is that they can hide the not so attractive gaps between the wall decoration and the ceiling surface.How to glue the ceiling plinth?

For example, such an unpleasant situation can happen quite often: when you glue wallpaper during repair of a room, and slowly moving forward, you notice that the gap between the wallpaper and the ceiling becomes wider and wider. Only one way out of this situation is to go to the hardware store and buy special ceiling plinths to hide this shortcoming.

First of all, you need to measure the entire perimeter of the room in which you are doing repairs. After that, given that the standard length of such a ceiling plinth is about two meters, it is necessary to calculate exactly what number of plinths are required for pasting this room.

It is advisable to buy baseboards with a small margin so that in the future you will not have to go to the hardware store again. In addition, you need to pre-determine the desired width of the plinth.

It should be noted immediately that you can glue the ceiling plinths to the wall in several different ways. The very first way is to glue the baseboards onto the wallpaper with a special glue, the second way is to glue the baseboards directly onto the putty before the walls are finished with wallpaper.

Typically, experienced craftsmen prefer to glue the baseboard on the first method – directly on the wallpaper, for this they use special glue, while the masters claim that the baseboard holds well. But if the walls are not perfectly smooth, then small cracks can form between the wall and the glued ceiling plinth (depending on the unevenness of the walls).How to glue the ceiling plinth?

Of course, it is best to try to level the walls in the room … But some experienced craftsmen with extensive experience in European-quality repairs recommend using the second method of gluing ceiling moldings – that is, they peck on putty before pasting wallpaper. Using this method, you close up all the cracks after applying putty, and the wallpaper itself will be leveled directly under the baseboard.

A detailed description of how to glue the ceiling plinth

Start to glue the ceiling plinths need from the corner of the room. In any hardware store, you can buy ceiling plinths. If there are no such plinths, you need to make the corner yourself, and this is not at all easy.

To glue the ceiling plinths you will need a hacksaw, barrels or knife. Insert the plinth into the trunk so that it is located at an angle of 45 degrees and press it tight enough. Then start cutting the baseboard at the required angle from the inside or outside.How to glue the ceiling plinth?

The most difficult part of the installation is cutting the ceiling plinths to get connections in the corners with no visible gaps. By performing this operation, you can be mistaken with the choice of a suitable cut line. And this can lead to wasted time.

That is why if you are not an experienced master in such a business, you need to first make a template. Take two pieces of stucco about ten centimeters and, using your thinking to achieve the desired result.

Place the ceiling plinth in the hanger, in the same way as it will hang on the wall. That is, you must control the top, and the bottom edge is well pressed against the wall of the wort.

You can immediately practice a bit in cutting corners, using small pieces of ceiling baseboards for this, when you finally get everything done, you can begin this work. After you make the first corner, stick the corner baseboards to the wall.

If you decide to glue the ceiling plinths on wallpaper, then they must first be well lubricated with special glue and very strongly pressed against the surface of the wall. If you see that there are small gaps between the baseboard and the wall, then they need to be carefully covered with glue. All remnants of glue from the surface of the wall and glued baseboards can be removed usually with a cloth.How to glue the ceiling plinth?

If you decide to glue the ceiling plinths in a second way, that is, using a putty, you should do this: using a small spatula, gently apply a layer of putty to the inner surface of the baseboard and press it very strongly to the wall surface. All the gaps between the baseboard and the wall should be gently sealed with a putty, remove any remaining putty with a regular cloth or a spatula.

When you finish making the corner, you can proceed with the attachment of the next ceiling plinth, and do the same, until you reach the next corner of the room. In this place, you need to measure the distance that you have left to the very corner, measure and cut off part of the plinth. This is exactly how the side which goes butt-to-side with the glued plinth glues, on the other hand, cut the corner in the manner described above.

We hope our advice on how to glue the ceiling plinth correctly to the wall will help you.

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