Indoor Hanging Plants Ideas to Make your Room Green

indoor hanging plants ideas

Indoor Hanging Plants Ideas to Make your Room Green

The hanging plants give a very different life to stay, either within the home and the outside. Hanging plants will give a touch of elegance and colour to your home as a unique decorative element. Decorating with hanging plants inside your home is something that would be great since you would be in direct contact with nature, some indoor hanging plants ideas that gives everyone strength and vitality.

Indoor hanging plants ideas

But it is also an excellent option for the exterior of your homes such as your terrace, your porch or your balcony. Hanging plants are also used to create different visual effects in the rooms such as the curtain effect when hanging a few from the ceiling (one next to the other at a suitable distance for the decoration to be correct). Here, we list which are the indoor hanging plants ideas.

indoor hanging plants ideas

For house and terrace

Hanging plants are ideal for both indoor and outdoor being able to place both inside the house and on your lawn. Also, you can choose the hanging plants that grow down to enhance the light of the place and not create too many shadows. Most of these plants are durable and easy to grow, which makes them even more perfect for an excellent decorative decision.

Suitable hanging plants

There are many varieties of plants that can be used for hanging plants, but you may feel lost in such a range. So, we will try to guide you to choose the one you like best. Remember that you can always go to your store Closest dedicated to gardening to show you more classes.

The poto tree is a widespread plant. It grows vertically because it is a climber and looks for light. The more light you find, the better because its leaves will grow larger. This plant needs a lot of moisture in the air.

Scindapsus pictus. This plant is very similar to the previous one, but its leaves are smaller, and at the tip of the leaves, it usually has a greener colour.

Tape. The ribbon is an indoor hanging plant and is exquisite since it can have abundant leaves. It shows green and white leaves that make it very elegant for any room.

Other plants that also look great and that you will surely know because they are widespread are geranium, Galicia, ivy or photonic.

indoor hanging plants ideas

Keep hanging plants in good condition

So that your plants remain in good condition without having to water them exceedingly abundantly is to spray water twice a week. Likewise, the container you choose for your hanging plants must be adequate and capable of supporting the weight of the plant and its weight when it is freshly watered, which will be much higher. Ropes or chains that are strong and strong enough to hold them well must hold hanging plants and that is aesthetic and look good both in the decoration and in combination with the plant pot.

I advise you that when choosing the container. You opt for one that is largely because in this way you will avoid transplants even if at first you think the plant is too small.

Do you already know what hanging plants you will put in your home? Do you prefer indoor hanging plants ideas? Once you decide which one to put and where to remember that they should be well hung and attached.

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