Boost employee productivity with Office layout techniques

Boost employee productivity with Office layout techniques

All companies have a corporate image to suit their brand that should in incorporated in every aspect of the business, including the office layout and furniture. The look and feel of an office can speak volumes about a company, and it can also be good for employees. Here is a look at a few office layouts that can boost employee productivity.

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The power of eight

Google is famous for its treatment of employees and office design. Its offices in Switzerland and Ireland are filled with wide-open spaces, but they also have rooms with eight desks in them. This is all about trust and territory. The average family size is seven people, give or take one or two either way, and anthropological research has shown that groups of seven – plus or minus up to two – create the strongest trust bonds and reinforce these cultural patterns.

Open spaces

Many offices are open-plan in a bid to be more egalitarian. They believe this works better than when the boss is shut away in a big office. However, the office cannot look so big that it is off-putting, so sliding doors or partitions along with open areas for meetings work well. The idea is that people will communicate more and bounce ideas off each other.

Making the office more like home

Trendy offices for millennials are designed to look more like a quality home rather than a traditional office. This could include putting in a lounge area or dining table to encourage people to meet and exchange ideas. Redesigning the office could be a simple matter of investing in new office furniture, such as Operator Chairs from options such as

Bringing the outdoors in

Another trend is indoor-outdoor living and a natural feel. This could mean installing reclaimed wood panelling or flooring and incorporating floral patterns in fabrics and artwork. Yet another interesting trend is using plants to create a living wall. Again, this creates a cosy, more homely feel to make employees feel more at ease.

Create a colourful environment

Colours can create different moods, with some being more positive than others. Traditionally, offices have been dull, grey places, but a splash of colour can be a cost-effective way to brighten the mood, particularly in accessories and furniture.

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