Tricks to take advantage of a small floor

Is not your house too big? Do not worry, there are solutions for everything. Today I want to show you some tricks so you can take advantage of your small apartment. Sometimes it is not possible to enjoy all the square meters that we would like, but that is not why we have to live uncomfortably. We will see how to achieve pleasant, functional and even visually more spacious spaces.

 small floor
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Say goodbye to the partitions

I get drastic in the first of the tricks. It is a measure that will involve some work but that will help you to give a greater sense of spaciousness to your home. As far as possible, eliminate the division that may exist between different rooms. With a more open and open space your floor will look different.

Power natural light

A small room may not seem that much if it is well lit. Take advantage of the entrance of natural light so that the stay gives us a pleasant and comfortable feeling. For this, you can decorate it with low furniture, place light and light curtains or even do without them.

 small floor
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More on lighting

A small house does not have to be synonymous with darkness. If there is not too much natural light, it will touch the artificial lighting. In this case, the best will be spotlights or panels that are embedded (not hanging because they visually dwarf the room). You can also put some standing lamp in some corner or some small one on a side table.

Sliding doors

The sliding doors are ideal to gain amplitude in a small house. They are very comfortable because they do not interfere with any step and you will notice that space flows better. You can put them in the bathroom, for example, also in the kitchen, or in all rooms if you want.

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 small floor
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Functional furniture

When it comes to decorating your small floor you will have to take into account the square meters of each room to choose the furniture that best suits the available surface. It is not necessary that you choose small pieces yes or yes; the important thing is that they are functional.

By this I mean that you take advantage of each hole to place the furniture that best takes advantage of the space (also in vertical), that you use custom cabinets with drawers and shelves and that you opt for storage systems that fulfill various functions.

Gain space in the kitchen

If your house is small surely your kitchen, in proportion, also it will be it. In this case it is good that you do with smaller appliances, others that have double function (such as a microwave oven, for example) and distribute the furniture in the best way possible to gain square meters.

 small floor
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In the bathroom

Another of the generally small rooms is the bathroom. Here I recommend you take advantage of the vertical space with close or tall cabinets or placing shelves on the wall where you can put boxes that serve as extra storage space.

The toilets, the basics. There are also small sizes to avoid saturating the space.

Textiles and materials

The textiles will help you, too, to decongestant and make the most of a small home. In this case, I recommend light fabrics and light colors like white or pastel. Do not abuse the cushions and, as I said before, think if you could do without the curtains.

On the other hand, wood is a very cozy and pleasant material, so it will always be a good ally to create comfortable spaces, even if they are not very large.

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