English Style House

English Style House

English Style House

English style in the architecture and interior of a private house is the personification of comfort, elegance, timeless classics. It combines the features of Gregorian and Victorian architecture, as well as Tudor. Such a private house looks majestic and unusual; it seems that he invites his owners to brew a cup of black tea with milk, sit in an easy chair of the Victorian era. Today we will talk about architectural solutions, design features, materials for making English style house.

English Style House

Common features

Private houses in the English style mostly have 2 floors and attic space, as well as a low foundation. The entrance is located in the middle, but there is practically no porch. For facade decoration of buildings has long used bright clinker bricks, which is resistant to temperature extremes, precipitation. The facade should be lighter than the roof.

Windows in such private houses are located very low, can be supplemented with shutters. They are large in size, which is associated with weather conditions in England because sunny days in this country are rare, their number is not more than 60-65 days a year. The rest of the time is rainy, which is the reason for the creation of steeply pitched roofs, which prevent the destruction of the facade from constant contact with water.

English Style House

Traditional English-style buildings surround a fence, a garden, or an ordinary green lawn with paved, smooth paths. Garages and other outbuildings are hidden in the center of the plot. Well in this composition will look a hedge, ivy, undersized ornamental shrubs.

3 variations of English style cottages

Stylization under the Tudor era

The first variation of the style under consideration, which architects adore to use, goes back to the Tudor era. This English style house resembles a real castle with improvised turrets, miniature attic windows, massive bay windows and a chimney adorning the main facade.

The asymmetrical design is distinguished by high gables; natural stone is used for the exterior, the main material is brick. The entrance is in the form of an arch, and the roof has a very steep slope. When installing the roof, it is permissible to use both modern metal roofing and straw, which makes the building more authentic.

English Style House

Gregorian traditional architecture

This type of private houses has a rectangular elongated shape and minimal roof removal over the gable. For the decoration of buildings, mostly ordinary brick is used, featuring a uniform color. In classical Gregorian houses, the main facade is decorated with five windows of the same size, 4 of which are located on the sides of the main entrance (2 on each side), decorated with pilasters.

English Style House

Victorian chic

The latest version of English-style private houses is a Victorian one, which combines the following features:

  • private houses are complemented by a steeply pitched roof;
  • have a complex shape, can be supplemented by extensions, a large veranda, attic;
  • asymmetrical buildings;
  • the facade is decorated with stucco, decorative supports;
  • presence of bay windows.

Buildings stylized for this period look extravagant. The main focus is on a comfortable layout and comfort, for the facade decoration you can use multi-colored materials painted in echoing colors: white, brown, blue-blue, sand. You can decorate a private house with graceful railings, forged elements, mosaic, stained glass, and brickwork will look enchanting.

English Style House

Design of English Style house (with photos)

Such buildings are durable; they are handed down to children, grandchildren. Therefore, in the construction, decoration, and furnishings of private houses in the English style, high-quality natural materials are used. The main color palette used for interior decoration is white, coffee, brown, olive, pale blue and dark red, green.

For wall decoration, you can choose wallpaper with horizontal stripes, plain types of coatings, such as plaster or paint. The walls look good, for the decoration of the upper part of which light wallpaper was used, and for the lower part – panels made of wood.

English Style House

The ceiling is mostly painted in white, you can decorate it with cornices, stucco or hand-painted. Ceilings in the kitchen, office, bedroom of a private house, designed in the English style, should be decorated with false beams or natural dark colored floors. Floors, doors, window frames must be made of wood. The more of this material in the interior, the more authentic it looks.

Furniture and accessories

The interiors must be complemented with accessories and furniture made of expensive natural wood. The rooms look immaculately with four-poster beds, aged, massive wardrobes, armchairs, Chesterfield sofas, and other elements of furnishings with carved, bent legs, rich textile or leather upholstery.

English Style House

The walls are decorated with massive tapestries, embroidery, paintings. The windows are hidden behind heavy curtains. It is recommended to use ceiling chandeliers for the interior, a large number of spot wall, floor lamps located along the perimeter of the room.

English Style House

Key elements of the interior in the English style

In the apartment, you can use an electric fireplace. But a private house requires a real fireplace with a living flame, around which you will warm up during the long winter evenings. The fireplace can have a square or rectangular shape, it can be supplemented with stucco, it looks good painted with silver or gold.

In traditional English style house, one of the rooms is reserved for the library. You can not create a separate room for reading, replacing it with massive or light shelves filled with books that can be installed in the living room office and other rooms.

English Style House

Making an English style house, pay attention to detail. Do not forget about soft ottomans for legs, wooden coffee tables, heavy, but very beautiful curtains, pictures. Flowers in the pots, which you should put directly on the windowsill, will help to revitalize the interior!

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