Tips for replacing your front door

Tips for replacing your front door

Your front door is a focal point of your home’s exterior and one of the first opportunities to make a stylish statement. It is also essential for security and can play a major role in improving your energy efficiency. Considering the importance of this feature, replacing it requires careful thought.

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When does your front door need replacing?

Any external feature of your house is going to be prone to wear and tear due to exposure to the elements. In the case of the front door, it is probably also frequently being opened and closed and the paint becomes chipped or faded, dirt becomes ground in, and scratches become more pronounced. The problems are not only aesthetic. Damaged seals and widening holes mean your door can no longer insulate your house from the cold; what’s more, cracks, dents and rust represent weaknesses that a burglar can exploit. If you notice any of these issues developing, it may be time for a new door, with composite doors in Hereford being just one option.


One of your first concerns is going to be security. Is the door made of a solid and durable material? Do you have multiple locking mechanisms? Are any panes of glass double- or triple-glazed to make them harder to smash? A range of door security measures are available.

Energy efficiency

The thickness of your door, your chosen materials, how closely it fits the rest of your house and your choice of double or triple glazing will all affect your door’s energy efficiency, with implications for both your comfort and your energy bills.


Whilst practical considerations may be important, you still want your door to look good. This means you need to think about materials, colour, glazing (more glass means more natural light), and the overall aesthetic of your house. For example, composite doors Hereford have realistic wood grain that suits period homes but with modern durability.

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There are many things to consider when deciding to replace your front door, all of which are important to ensure your home is safe, comfortable and stylish.