8 Essential rules of Feng Shui for harmony in your home

The Feng Shui is that eastern philosophy, through decoration, helps you design a harmonious home where the energies flow through the different rooms and where the very distribution of furniture and the use of colors and accessories influences positively in people who live in this place. Today we reviewed 8 essential rules of this discipline you have to apply in decorating your home if you want to achieve those feelings in your home.

1. Entry

To welcome your visits harmoniously put one in your entry natural plant or photographs, avoiding those people who no longer live. To the extent that you can, allows the entry of natural light.

Feng Shui Decoration
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2. The bedroom

Feng Shui tells us that the bedroom should be located away from the entrance of the house. Once inside, do not put the bed under the window or feet or head directed towards the door. To promote good rest and recharge energy, it is good to be of wood and let electronic devices away. In the case of children, it is appropriate that your room is facing east, and the largest west. Furniture, with rounded corners better.

3. The kitchen

In the kitchen, the elements fire and water are very present. To balance and stay away from negative energies is important to place them grouped together, but separated from the other element. For example, put together the oven and microwave, on the one hand, and together too, but on the other, dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator and sink. Do not put a group side by side or facing each other. If your kitchen is small and you cannot play with this, try to separate objects of steel or wood.

Feng Shui Decoration
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4. The dining room

Meeting place to enjoy evenings in the company, in the dining room should try to improve communication, for which avoid placing too pointy put tables and chairs near windows and walls. A square or round table will give a more dynamic chi energy and a rectangular or oval provides smoother energy, so that will contribute to a more relaxed meal.

5. The bathroom

In this room is advisable to leave the access door closed and the toilet lid. Place scented candles to allow energy to flow better. In addition, to balance the water element is important to include the element Earth, something you can do by putting shelves or cabinet under the sink. It is recommended also that this is related only stay with personal care and used only in that place objects.

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6. The colors

The colors have great symbolism in this type of decoration, since become the foundation that makes the energy flow. Thus, blue, yellow or salmon are suitable for the living room, in the bedroom bet by relaxing colors like beige, white, turquoise or blue, leaving the green and yellow for the kitchen, where we avoid not include too many red, black, blue or orange.

Feng Shui Decoration
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7. Cleaning

Dirt becomes a strong magnet for negative energies. So bring your home not only to distribute the furniture as we have seen so far; you should also pay attention to order and cleanliness.

8. The lighting

Proper lighting is essential for the home to be warm and have light, cozy rooms. It is essential to find ways to balance the light areas with dark, since all must be present. It combines artificial light with natural light and other elements like candles.

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