Ideas for decorating with cool colors

The cold colors are those that, in the chromatic circle, go from the purple to the green, and among which is the blue and the turquoise. All of them with different ranges and intensities. They are tones that are associated with feelings of serenity, spaciousness and freshness, so it may be interesting to use them to refresh environments through color and also in those rooms where calm and relaxation are sought, especially when used in their tones Softer.

Today we are going to see some ideas to introduce these cold colors in the decoration of your house. They are interesting for small rooms because they also amplify spaces, and you can use them in many ways. Discover some of them!

cool colors
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Cold colors combined with white

The cool colors combined with the white offer a luminous and welcoming result, and even more so if we use the softer shades of blue, green or violet. They are interesting to use in bedrooms and rest areas, since being pastel and cool tones the feeling of tranquility they convey is very interesting. If you want to counteract a bit the cold of these colors, use them in well-lit rooms naturally.

Complementary colors

One way to achieve the balance in the decoration is to use the cold colors with their complementary ones. This is very simple. You only have to do with a color circle and observe the tones that are faced. These will be complementary colors.

cool colors
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Dark cold colors

Although the cool chilly colors are more welcoming and convey more sense of calm, the use of dark cold colors is very interesting. In this case, tend to dwarf the rooms and have a lot of decorative power, so you may need to introduce some white or neutral tones to soften and not recharge the rooms. You can leave the walls white, for example, and use these colors for furniture. Or paint one of the walls with a dark blue and leave the furniture in wood color, with the rest of the white walls.

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All in one color

If you dare, you can also decorate using only one of these cool colors. I recommend that if you bet on this idea do it with a soft intensity, not to saturate the room. Look at these examples in green and blue. As you can see, little touches of white have been introduced to relieve the problem.

cool colors
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Cold colors in small details

Another way to use these cool tones is to introduce them through small decorative details. You do not need to paint walls or place all furniture in this color, you may need a smaller object, such as cushions, vase or pictures, so that the feeling that these colors transmit is noticed in the room.

Decoration in blue

The blue is perhaps one of the most widely used cool colors in decorating, especially in bedrooms and living rooms, since it has the property to calm the mind and provide cozy atmosphere. As we have seen before, you can combine it with white or with small touches of complementary colors like orange or yellow, for example.

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