Tricks to clean a black resin shower tray

Tricks to clean a black resin shower tray

Tricks to clean a black resin shower tray

Resin shower trays are gaining ground as one of the most used decorative trends in bathrooms. In fact, they are more popular than traditional ceramic or acrylic plates.

This is because they are very durable, highly resistant and highly versatile elements. In addition to this, the mineral-filled shower trays have an excellent non-slip property and offer a very pleasant touch, just as if you were stepping on a natural stone.

If you have one of these elements at home, it is essential to know how to clean the black resin shower tray. The purpose is that you can keep it shiny at all times and free from the proliferation of mold and other microorganisms that damage your health and the aesthetics of your bathroom.

How to remove limescale and stains from a resin plate?

Although resin shower trays appear to be all the same, some are actually covered with Sanitary Gel Coat and others only with the resin technique. Gel Coat is a material that is used to give shower trays more durability and more pleasant care.

That is why you must know the specifications of the product to be able to clean it properly using the recommended cleaning products and, in addition, avoid the appearance of white spots caused by limescale in the water or products such as shampoo or bath gel.

The good news is that the composition of these shower trays makes their cleaning routines quick and easy to do, as long as you apply the necessary procedure. Next, we recommend 4 ways to clean your shower tray so that it is shiny.

1. Cleaning a Resin Shower Tray with Vinegar

An effective and quick way to clean the resin shower tray is by using a mixture of water and vinegar. To perform this procedure and achieve great results, you just have to follow the following steps:

Mix half a bottle of vinegar with half a liter of water.

Apply all the prepared mixture on the surface of the plate.

Then let it act for a few minutes.

Then, use a soft cloth or cloth with plenty of water to remove the vinegar.

 2. Clean the shower tray with water and neutral soap

One of the simplest and fastest procedures to clean a shower tray is to use running water and neutral, non-abrasive soap.

You will only need a soft sponge or cloth that is damp with the soap and water mixture. We recommend that you use 1 liter of water and 10 ml of soap so that the compound is thick.

Then, pass the cloth soaked with this preparation all over the plate with circular movements. Leave on for about 5 minutes and remove the mixture with plenty of clean water.

Remember to be very careful that there are no soap residues to prevent the surface from being damaged.

3. Mix water with acetone

A third trick that will help you remove stubborn stains on your black slate plate is to apply a mild mixture of water and acetone.

This technique is ideal for removing hair dye or nail polish stains without damaging the surface of the plate.

Of course, the procedure is only effective if you do the cleaning quickly and do not let the stain go by for a long time on the surface.

To do this, you will need some acetone diluted in clean water. Then, with a soft cloth, clean the stained area.

When you finish stirring what you want, add clean water to remove any traces of acetone. In this way, the dish will not lose the properties of its components.

Always take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer of the tray. In the technical specifications, you can find what types of products are suitable and which can damage the surface.

4. Remove limescale and stains with a mixture of lemon and vinegarClean the shower tray with water and neutral soap black resin shower

To clean the black slate shower tray with lemon and vinegar, the first thing you should do is ventilate the room very well since the smell can be a bit annoying.

Then follow these recommendations:

Prepare a mixture containing the juice of 2 lemons and two cups of white cleaning vinegar.

Completely cover the plate with the preparation and let it act for about 30 minutes.

When that time elapses, remove the mixture with a soft cloth, but without rubbing too much.

You can turn on the shower to finish rinsing the dish area.

Finally, dry the entire surface with a cloth.

Thus, you will be able to eliminate limescale, rust or other stains that detract from the aesthetics of the shower tray.

What you should NOT do to clean the black resin shower tray

Black resin shower trays have a coating on their surface that makes them very resistant but can also be damaged by certain chemicals.

Therefore, never use abrasive soaps, ammonia, salfumán or any other similar compound since they will immediately deteriorate the surface layer of the plate.

In this sense, it is best to opt for neutral soaps or natural cleaners, which are very efficient at keeping limescale stains at bay, as well as mold and moisture.

In case you decide to use bleach, keep in mind that you should not let it act for more than 5 minutes and you should dilute it with water. If you add it directly to the black resin plate, you will affect its materials and will probably damage the black color.

On the other hand, if there are remains of work such as glue or cement on your shower tray, do not try to remove the material by scratching or sanding the surface because you will damage it.

The best thing is that you consult a specialized store about a specific product that serves to remove the remains of the work quickly and without endangering the plate and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If you follow these simple recommendations, you will have an impeccable and shiny black resin shower tray for a long time.