How to use a lawn scarifier

How to use a lawn scarifier

Using a lawn scarifier has lots of benefits for your lawn. If you like entertaining in the garden during the summer, a lawn scarifier could be exactly what you need to keep your grass healthy and presentable for next summer. Take a look at everything you need to know about using a lawn scarifier.

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What is a lawn scarifier?

When debris like old grass stems and moss builds up on your lawn, it can cause damage. As this debris builds up, it can stop water and nutrients from reaching the grass and soil beneath it. A scarifier is a machine that removes this so that your lawn gets the best chance at growing properly.

You can get both manual and electric scarifiers which act as high-powered rakes. You’ll need to maintain your scarifier to make sure it lasts as long as possible and does the job properly. If your scarifier needs to be repaired, you can find any spare parts you might need at specialist retailers stocking Mountfield Parts such as

Using a lawn scarifier

Using a lawn scarifier is simple but you’ll need to make sure your grass is prepped in advance. Firstly, apply moss killer to the grass a few weeks beforehand and rake out the dead moss. Then mow your lawn on a low setting when the grass is dry. This will set the scene for the scarifier to be used.

Set your scarifier to the highest setting and go over your lawn a few times. Once you’ve finished scarifying, it’s good to apply lawn feed. You’ll find the best lawn feeds reviewed here:This will nourish your lawn during the autumn and winter months.

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Best time to use a scarifier

The best time of year to use a scarifier is during the autumn. If your grass has been well used during the summer, it will need some tender loving care during the harshest months.

Your lawn only needs to be scarified once a year. Doing it more often than this could result in you doing more damage than good.