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Although the style of the moment is the Nordic, there are some types of decoration are also having success this year. Among them, we highlight the vintage that, to be fair, has spent many years on the crest of the wave. Yes, it is important to note that what most takes are not fully built in 2016 retro, but those that combine the old with more modern pieces. They are also gaining prominence decorations combining vintage with other styles: industrial, natural, Scandinavian…

The style vintage in all its forms is ideal for decorating any room in the home, but if any area is it is in the hall, which should be warm, cozy and stylish as well as practical if the meters in the home are conspicuous by their absence. To convince yourself that this style is perfect for foyers, today we will show you a lot of greeters vintage. In addition, we will take this opportunity to offer some interesting ideas and tips. Would you like to join us?

Vintage style
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The simplest, but not the only, to achieve a style hall way vintage, is to place an old receiver or a movable mirror. Unless you count a piece of antique furniture in your home or your parents and grandparents, the second option may be the most appropriate, since the old furniture is not that exactly cheap. Another alternative is to introduce furniture aged appearance. In this regard, you should know that you yourself can get old wooden furniture. Beyond placing classic hall furniture, you can also choose to include in the entrance parts such as shoemakers, consoles, chairs or benches.

Vintage style
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Mixture of styles

As I have said before, levitra trend right now is the mixture of styles, so it’s also a good idea to choose to mix furniture modern with accessories and decorative objects style vintage. Of course, keep in mind that to be successful with this type of decoration is important to find the balance through colors, shapes, materials and textures. The furniture Nordic style, for example, combines perfectly with details vintage, like industrial style pieces or natural finish.

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Accessories and decorative objects

We’ve already said before that the easiest way to achieve a hall vintage is betting on this style furniture, but there is also another possibility: choose pieces of timeless and neutral furnishings and define the style through the details. So, you should know that supplements (coat racks, umbrella stands, lamps, mirrors …) and decorative objects from other times or make the effect are ideal for adding a touch vintage. For example, an element that can be perfectly in the hall is an old phone. In addition, you can also choose to place an old suitcase or a trunk instead of a receiver unit. The result may be most attractive. To decorate furniture or walls you can also use photos in sepia or black and white, and old posters. If you frame, do not forget that the frames must be styled vintage.

Vintage style
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As for the walls, we recommend choose light colors, as tickets are usually small and with little natural light spaces. Yes, it is not necessary to question the target. Moreover, you should know that the wallpaper is very common in this type of decorations, especially with retro prints, psychedelic, floral and geometric.

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