8 ideas to better organize your closets

The order is part of the decoration. In practically all the rooms we need storage spaces to store everything we have at home and, for that reason, today I want to show you 8 ideas to better organize your cupboards . In this way, you will be able to take better advantage of the available space, making sure that everything is perfectly organized inside.

We will focus mainly on the bedroom closets and clothes and accessories, although we will also give some brushstrokes on the kitchen cabinets.

1- First, remove everything

It is not at all easy to order a closet having it full. So take everything you have inside and decide if you’re going to save everything or there are things you can throw / give away. When you are clear about what is left, it is time to organize it.

organize your closets
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2- Distribution by categories

If we refer to the bedroom closet you can classify your clothes by categories : shirts, skirts, pants, dresses …; also by colors, fabrics or styles. Choose the way that is most functional and order your clothes so that it is easy to access them without messing up the rest.

And in the kitchen, too. Place the bowls together, the dessert plates, the plains … The glasses and cups together, the frying pans, the buns … Also by categories and in a way that is comfortable to reach everything.

3- Take advantage of the doors of the cupboards

The doors of the cabinets have an extra surface that you can take advantage of. You can put small hangers on the inside to leave necklaces, belts or handkerchiefs, for example.

In the kitchen, if you have enough space, you can store the spice pots in this place, with some small shelf hanging on the closet door.

organize your closets
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4- The bedding

To keep your bedding neat and without taking too much space you can put the appropriate sheets inside the pillowcase. In this way, you will have each game perfectly identified and always together, and it will be easier to store and find when you need it.

5- The shoes

The shoes usually occupy enough space. If you can get an auxiliary furniture in which you can have them together and ordered. But if you want to keep them inside your closet place boxes to keep them organized. You can place stickers or photos in each box to identify what shoes are in each, so you do not have to open them every time you look for something. Another option is to use transparent boxes.

organize your closets
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6- Cabinets with shelves and hangers

The shelves in the bedroom closet help you maintain order inside. They can be adjustable so that they adapt to your needs at any time. In the upper area you can save what you put less, the clothes of other seasons, the sheets and towels … And the hangers, also essential.

7- Compartments

The compartments are perfect so that the cupboard drawers are organized. Especially in order to preserve the order of smaller objects such as bracelets, watches, belts, etc. You can put small boxes or cardboard tubes to divide the space of the drawer into compartments and, in this way, avoid that everything is mixed together.

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