Ideas to decorate with dry branches

dry branches

Ideas to decorate with dry branches

Months ago my partner Ana published an article with ideas to decorate with dry leaves. Today the theme is very similar, but the protagonism does not take the leaves, but the dry branches. With them we can decorate our home easily and economically, being especially recommended in rustic style environments.

It should be noted that they adapt to all types of stays and you will not find it hard to find them in decoration stores. In fact, you can even pick them up from the street if they are in good condition and they are pretty enough.

dry branches

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Dry branches as a coat rack

When the dry branches are strong enough to support some weight, we can consider that they are in a position to become a beautiful and original rack very appropriate for floors of minimalist style, since the branches will hardly be seen when they are occupied.

Dry branches in walls

Sometimes the walls do not tell us anything. They lack personality and we usually resort to decorative elements such as vinyls or shelves to give them life. Another resource that you should have in mind is that of dry branches, which can be hooked with more or less grace to dress the walls in many ways.

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Dry branches on shelves

In the same way that they have a place in the walls, we can also place them on the shelves and make the result incredible. They become a decorative piece more capable of bringing warmth to any room.

dry branches

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Dry branches on balconies and terraces

Dry branches can also be taken outdoors, specifically to the balcony or terrace. As they are zones in which nature shines with its own light, it will not cost you anything to find a space in which they fulfill a decorative function, being able to be of the shapes and size that you consider appropriate.

Dry branches in vases and planters

They are a classic and will continue to be so good. Both in the vases and in the flowerpots find their ideal place. It is where most presence usually have and the truth is that it does not surprise me, since a dry branch does not require any kind of maintenance, something that cannot be said about plants and flowers. A good idea is to place them in a vase or in a flowerpot located next to the sofa.

dry branches

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Dry branches in lamps

In some stores you will find lamps with dry branches in their structure, which are undoubtedly ideal for a natural decoration. Also, you are always in time to be yourself who creates these lamps if you are good at crafts.

Dry branches as a hanging bar

Dry branches can also be practical. You can use them as a bar to hang the curtain, but also as a bar to hang hangers with clothes and costume jewelry.

Dry branches to separate spaces

Another use that you can give them is to separate spaces creating a kind of lattice.

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