10 cheap ideas to decorate your house

cheap ideas to decorate your house

10 cheap ideas to decorate your house

Decorating your home well does not necessarily have to be associated with making a large outlay. In fact, today I’m going to tell you 10 cheap ideas so you can bring furniture, details and accessories that bring all the personality and style you’re looking for to your home. Sometimes it’s a matter of imagination and creativity.

We give you some clues …

cheap ideas to decorate your house

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1- Crafts

Crafts are always welcome when it comes to cheap decoration. And with very little budget you can get some materials that will help you to make decorative elements totally personalized and unique. And made with your own hands!

2- Furniture made with pallets

The pallets open before you a wide range of possibilities. Very decorative, simple and economical. You can, for example, design a bed frame for your bed, a shelf to store your things or a side table. The wood gives you that cozy spot and you have many options.

3- Garlands of LED lights

Do not think that the garlands are exclusive decoration of Christmas. You can use them during the rest of the year in very different ways and all of them very decorative. In addition, it is a complement that allows you to be changing the decoration whenever you want. You can put them on the headboard of the bed, on some pictures of the living room, in the hall, inside a lamp holder or a glass jar …

cheap ideas to decorate your house

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4- The decorative vinyls

A decorative vinyl supposes very little expense and implies a quite interesting change for your decoration. There are more or less large, with drawings, phrases, thematic … And they have room in any room, since they are very cool in the corridor, in a children’s room or in the kitchen.

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5- Reuse your hangers

A cheap resource that will help you create a very buy valiuym original decoration. Did you think the hangers only served to store your clothes? They have a lot of possibilities to be able to use them in many different ways. To refresh your memory I leave you with this post where we saw several ideas to decorate with hangers.

6- Photographs

The photographs are also great allies for decoration. I do not mean just to put them on a shelf, but to put them in more original ways, for example, without a frame.

7- Bottles, cans and jars

The bottles, cans and jars allow you to design the most varied decorative elements. You can customize them to your liking, painting them, wrapping them with paper or leaving them with transparent glass but playing with what you keep inside. In any case, they will be very personalized accessories and they will not have cost you anything because you can reuse them and give them new uses after they have fulfilled their original comment.

cheap ideas to decorate your house

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8- An orchard at home

The urban gardens, in addition to being very practical, also help you create a special decoration. The economic outlay will not be excessive although it will be time to invest in the care of what you decide to plant in it.

9- Vertical gardens

Another option if you like the theme of gardening is to create a vertical garden on your terrace or balcony. You can help with some pallets, for example, and place small pots to help you decorate. And it is not mandatory that they are outdoors, since there are also very cool indoors.

10- Change the headboard of the bed

To give a different touch to your bedroom without spending a lot with it you can play with the headboard of the bed. Painted wooden slats may be enough to completely change the style of the room. You have a lot of very decorative options.

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