The Unwritten Rules of Instagramming

The Unwritten Rules of Instagramming

In short, any picture or video that is beautiful or hilarious, and that evokes emotions can be classified as Instagram worthy. However, and especially for companies that aim to attract customers for commercial benefit, the line between Instagram-worthy and appropriate is very thin. They are never explicitly stated, but there are rules for posting content on Instagram that majority of people generally agree with. Most of the time ,it does not matter whether one is looking for those Instagram followers with the aim of turning them into clients or whether they are running a private account, some of these often unspoken rules should apply regardless. Here is a list of some of them;


For most people, the rule is that they should post a photo per day. There are a few circumstances where this rule can be broken, but the number should not be more than three photos per day. Some occasions might be an exception, like anniversaries or special occasion. Still, for the tourism marketing site, seeing too much from one account everyday makes it boring and distracting.


When it comes to tourism and travel marketing, what everyone is looking for from the pictures they browse is the authenticity of the experience and the locations they are shown. Now, filters are not always necessary, but at least three quarters of the time they come in handy to enhance the photo. Still, make sure the filter does not get in the way of the message. Even when filters are used, they should be with care, and should not make the photo look too artificial and tampered with. This way, the follower will not leave feeling like the destination or feeling being sold to them is generally unattainable or made up.


Hashtags are an excellent way of gaining traction with one’s photos, especially when they relate to popular events in the area or industry specific topics. Even then, using more than four hashtags on a photo, even for the private accounts, is a little over the top. Also, be careful when using new hashtags. If it adds context or explanations to the photo them well and good. If it is a completely random one then one is better off not using it.

Consider videos and diptics

Generally, videos have less likes and views because it takes viewers more time to have them load and play on their devices. Followers have to spend at least fifteen seconds to watch the videos in their entirety. The diptics are a collection of several photos in one, displaying different angles like a collage or slideshow. Consider having a blend of these on the account, showing people behind the scenes and ordinary events of the day like the sunrise, meal times or having fun on a night out; away from the stereotypical views, beaches and scenery that everyone else posts. Those looking to be unique and keep things fresh might want to consider using these tools.


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