The acrylic stone love us again this time in these designer sinks

Baths by Clay is a Dutch company specializing in the design and manufacture of furniture for bathrooms that has made its new collection of hand HI-MACS, looking for a durable, sturdy, practical design and, above all, aesthetically pleasing.

Because of this firm belief of timeless design, they know the importance of balance in the environment of the bathroom and attest to their design values must be eternal. With the advantage that its products are custom – made and of high quality.

The acrylic stone sink
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When we were talking that make good use of the space of small bathrooms we meant precisely such solutions, these sinks can be hung, integrate and overlay in a cabinet or countertop, so the possibilities are endless.

Instead of a modular aspect or fixed sizes, you can incorporate in any design, offering the ultimate solution for flexibility and freedom to customers, architects, designers and specialists in sanitary ware.

The acrylic stone sink
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Composed of a mixture of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments, HI-MACS creates a smooth, non – porous and joints without visible joints. Aspects that satisfy the most demanding requirements for aesthetics, manufacturing, functionality and hygiene.

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The designs of bathrooms that are most successful are those created thinking both in style, strength and durability. The design should be immune to the passage of time, with furniture and elements that adapt to our changing needs.

This is the philosophy that has led Baths by Clay to make custom models and the use of HI-MACS in their cutting – edge designs. Material that offers everything you could want to get a flawless and contemporary interior decor.

The acrylic stone sink
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In addition, the acrylic stone has excellent hygienic properties. Thanks to its nonporous surface, the material does not absorb moisture, being waterproof.

Also repels stains extraordinarily effectively, so it is easy to clean and maintain. It is resistant to scratches, and if any lingering mark appears after years of daily use, you can touch up the finish to achieve a smooth surface without visible joints.

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