Renovate the house with wallpaper

Decorate with wallpaper

Renovate the house with wallpaper

With the help of wallpaper, in a few steps we managed to give new life to the decor of any corner of the house. Brand new look, to delimit environments, to enhance the decoration or to add a trendy touch to the room. Plenty of reasons to decorate with wallpaper.

A classic decor that is back in fashion and want to recover have compiled the latest tendentious in wallpaper. With the tips, you’ll find in this article, you can easily brand decoration. You sign up?

Decorate with wallpaper

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Textured walls

Thanks to new printing techniques used by manufacturers, much more realistic and elegant wallpapers are achieved. This is very important because one of the major trends in vinyls are the textures.

Thus, rough textures and motifs as delicate as lace and retro prints become a great choice to decorate and fill the walls of home life.


Tiles and hydraulic tiles have seen a lot in magazines and interior design fairs around the world. A trend that we also have in our house, but without major works. Naturally, we refer to wallpaper that perfectly recreates tiles and tiles.

Decorate with wallpaper

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Live geometry

The scandi style has brought us one of the prints most requested by lovers of interior design and the latest trends: geometric print. If you’re not good at math, this pattern will arrest you. Diamonds, paintings, rectangles and many other reasons geometry create amazing effects on the wall come alive.

Garden wall

For nature lovers, flowers are a classic. A print that becomes fashionable and putting feminine and romantic touch to spaces. In its most discreet, minimalist or ornate prints more and sumptuous version. Either way, the flowers are a classic that never goes out of style.

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Patterns that mimic materials

Several seasons, materials have earned a place in our decor, but not only on floors and walls, but also in prints and small accessories. Copper, brass, brick, marble, wood and many other materials but are also present in the wallpaper.

Decorate with wallpaper

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Steps to place wallpaper

And now we know what are the latest developments in painted for a fashion house paper, it is time to put our vinyls. Let’s do it!

1- The first step is to prepare the wall. To do this, sandpaper and smoothes the wall to make sure the surface is completely smooth and has no imperfections or roughness of any kind, which may be evident by placing the wallpaper. Also make sure the wall is clean and dry.

2- Then take the measures for wallpaper. To do this, place the strips of paper on the wall and make several brands to know where you have to remove the excess.

3- Apply the glue on the wall evenly with a brush and then put the paper strips painted by matching the drawings. Finally, using a utility knife and straightedge have to remove the excess paper (if you left something).

4- Clean entire surface with a clean, dry cloth to make sure the wallpaper does not have wrinkles and is perfectly stretched. And do not forget to check the joints with a neat little roll.

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