Should You Replace the Old Windows in Your Home?

Should You Replace the Old Windows in Your Home?

People often think about affordability when the idea of replacing their old windows comes up. There are many perks to installing new windows. Deciding whether to do so requires thinking about whether the advantages will pay off for you. Old, drafty windows can increase your energy bills, and make it a bit cool during the winter months. They can also reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning system in the summer.

Advantages of Replacing Old Windows

It is true that new dual-paned, insulated windows will add up to energy savings. They’re better at retaining heat and cool air than windows manufactured just 20 years ago, but that adds up to maybe a 15% increase in efficiency. You could re-caulk an old window and add weather stripping. There could come a time, such as when you sell your home when replacing old windows can pay off; you can make up much of the cost with the increase in resale value.

Replacement windows often look better. That’s partly why they add value so you can sell your home for more. If you can find windows that better match the architectural style of the structure, a renovation may be well worth it. The same may not be said for historic homes. A newer style may distract from the architecture and lower the home’s value, so consider alternatives or obtain help from an expert, who can customize your Andersen windows accordingly.

Window Replacement Disadvantages

Despite the benefits of replacing old windows, critics have their own opinions. If you’re paying $1,000 per year for heat, it can take over 100 years to see a return on investment. Solid wood may not hold up as good as it once did. A good alternative is a vinyl, and there are real wood windows covered with an exterior aluminum skin. This cladding can be painted any color and lasts longer than exterior paint on solid wood.

Perhaps you’ve been told your old windows can be repaired, or the contractor decides to install a window insert. This means the existing trim does not have to be removed, saving labor costs, but leaving you without insulating air gaps. Think about whether you prefer a retrofit or want a new window that looks and performs like it’s new.

To Replace or Not To

The question as to whether you should replace your old windows depends on your preferences. Replacing old windows can be expensive but, if the benefits outweigh the cons, going for it may be the best choice. Repairs may be cheaper and more convenient depending on your needs. A complete replacement, however, can provide the boost in aesthetics, efficiency, and value your home needs.

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