Ideas for Decorating with Glass Bottles

If the other day we discovered you could reuse your plastic bottles to decorate today we are going to see some ideas to decorate with glass bottles. It is a way to recycle those bottles that you no longer use or, if you want, you can also buy them in decoration stores, already designed for it. Choose the option you choose, the result can be great. Below we see several proposals that will help you to dress nice corners of your house.

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Decorate the bottle with some craftsmanship

A first possibility is to first decorate the bottle itself. There are lots of DIY with which you can find inspiration to customize this container for your home. You can cover them with paper bladders, paint them, glitter, use strings, leave them with the transparent glass and fill them with colored sand, with small stones or with coffee beans … There are a lot of possibilities!

Bottles for table

Another idea to decorate with glass bottles is to place them as a table center, with some flowers inside. Look at these two examples and tell me if you like them. I love them! You can put several of them along the whole table or make a more focused composition. You can play with the sizes of the containers and with the colors of flowers and bottles, for example. Imagination to power!

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Bottles as vases

The truth is that bottles like vases or vases are wonderful. In addition to a table as we have just seen, you can also put them in any corner of your house. Having a small base will allow you to fill small spaces, those that you notice missing something but also do not give you the option of placing large decorative objects. You can put a single bottle with a single flower, or with several flowers or dry branches, or make a composition with several bottles. As in the case of the table, you can play with many variables.

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What kind of flowers to use?

The bottles used as vase allow the use of many types of flowers. You can put a single long stem and large flower, for example a daisy or a tulip, or make a lavender composition, with a larger bouquet, or even put a few dry branches of wood.

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Hanging Bottles

If you want to use glass bottles to decorate you can make beautiful hanging compositions. For example, the outdoors is great for a country wedding party or wedding. You can put them in a wooden structure and fasten them with strings, something similar to one of the DIY that I taught you recently. You can do this equally on the inside, clear, also with flowers or even with candles or LED bulbs.

Unique decorative object

The bottles themselves can be so decorative, if we put them well, that you will not need or adorn them or put flowers. In this case, you can use containers of various sizes, or different shades … They can make a nice contrast when the light passes through them and help you decorate corners in a very original way.

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