Original Ideas- Blinds For Bay Windows

Blinds for bay windows will be useful for anyone who has bay windows. These windows not only look beautiful, but they expand the space visually, and if you decorate them properly, in the right direction, they make the room more presentable. Bay windows were usually made in Victorian style houses, but modern architecture also uses their bright appearance, and we increasingly see them in modern houses.

Types of blinds for bay windows

Bay windows are of various types from angular to multifaceted. They are an excellent compression center, while at the same time they increase the amount of natural light in the living room and offer many design possibilities. After you have decided what type of fixing you want, it’s time to look at the many ideas for the bay window blinds and choose the type of window blind according to your personal taste, interior style and color scheme. It is good to have a clear idea of ​​the function of the blinds – are they needed in order to close the room from other people’s views, to protect it from the sun or as a stylish accent. Consider different types of blinds for bay windows – roller blinds, roman blinds, blinds, vertical blinds, window blinds, curtains for bay windows, etc.

Original Ideas- Blinds For Bay Windows

Blinds for bay windows

Blinds are one of the most practical, modern and simple ways to decorate bay windows. They can be very useful for creating a cozy interior and are a good alternative to massive draperies. Roller blinds can be combined with curtains, emphasizing the elegance of the living room, bedroom, etc. Roller blinds for bay windows are very popular due to the fact that they combine qualities such as attractive appearance, functionality, and opacity. Blinds are an alternative to Roman blinds. They look stylish and beautiful. There is a possibility of embodiment in numerous colors and patterns, providing the opportunity to decorate the windows in an original and elegant way.

Roman curtains for bay windows

Roman curtains for bay windows are another very popular design of bay windows and they decorate houses, apartments, offices, restaurants, hotels. Roman curtains have many advantages – in the first place, because of their visual aesthetics. Roman curtains can be used either as the main and main decoration of the window opening or in combination with curtains. They are combined in any style and make the atmosphere warm and comfortable. Functionality is another advantage of Roman blinds, as they provide effective shading from bright sunlight. Depending on the fabric you choose, blinds can perform various design tasks. Roman curtains can be made from almost any fabric. There are many options in terms of color, texture, finish to suit every taste and preference. Roman curtains for bay windows are a good choice from a practical point of view. They are easy to clean and maintain, remove from windows and wash.

Original Ideas- Blinds For Bay Windows

Blinds for bay windows have similar features with Roman curtains. The textured fabric has uniform folds and a Roman-style curtain assembly mechanism. Blinds have a length of 15-30 cm below the window sill and are fixed from the ceiling or on the wall on a special rod. Vertical blinds for bay windows are suitable for modern interiors. Vertical blinds can be found in offices and various institutions, primarily because of the functionality and low prices, but more and more often they become the choice of consumers for decorating bay windows for the home. Vertical blinds are usually made from synthetic materials such as polyester and from fabrics such as jacquard and crepe. These fabrics have high resistance to wear, do not fade when exposed to direct sunlight and do not collect dust, because they are treated with a special antistatic agent. Vertical blinds are practical, eco-friendly and are offered in various textures and colors. Of course, there are many other options to decorate bay windows – blinds, curtains or various combinations. Browse the photo gallery, perhaps in it, you will find a suitable idea for your bay window.

Original Ideas- Blinds For Bay Windows

How to measure bay windows for blinds

Many are frightened by the complexity of the configuration of the bay window for sizing under the blinds, for their subsequent manufacture to order. You can use a few helpful tips on how to measure bay windows for blinds. Bay windows most often consist of three windows: two sides and one central. It is necessary to decide what types of blinds are needed and what type of mounting. There are different types of fastening: inside the window opening, outside on the wall and partially inside, partially outside. For internal bay windows, the height and width of the window are measured. Make sure the window has enough depth to fit your blinds. If you prefer external louvers, then the measurement principle is the same, but these measurements are not made along the perimeter of the window, but along the wall. Usually blinds for bay windows when mounted from the outside are attached to the wall. Mark the points on the wall where the blinds will be fixed. Do not forget that this type of installation of blinds will move away from the wall and accurate measurements are especially needed. Experts advise using an internal mount when possible.

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