Niches In The Interior Of The Apartment

The unusual layout is hardly to be counted among the shortcomings of housing. If you got a small apartment with a niche, and you have no idea how to equip it, listen to the recommendations of the designers. Wall niches will help to create an extraordinary and functional interior, especially in a limited area. This simple technique will give the room originality, appeal. In the interior of apartments today stylish plasterboard designs are becoming popular again.

They can be found in miniature “Khrushchev” and in spacious country mansions. This is due to their ability to visually transform the room: to expand the area, change the geometry, visually “lift” the ceiling. In addition, they have other functionalities:

  • allow zoned apartment;
  • save space because in comparison with cabinet furniture take less space;
  • hide defects of the ceiling and walls;
  • can serve as convenient storage systems (for accessories, elements of interior decor, gizmos memorable for the homeowner), and are also ideal for placing large household appliances – a music center, TV, electric fireplace;
  • make it possible to refuse to buy dressers, cabinets, other storage systems and significantly save money.

Niches In The Interior Of The Apartment

For the rational use of each centimeter of the usable area today there is the possibility of creating structures made of plasterboard, high-quality plywood, and wall panels. Finishing is chosen depending on the desired effect and the tasks that it performs. Wood, brick, stone, other modern materials will help to effectively highlight this area. It is suitable and their imitation. It will not be difficult to make the back wall of a niche with a composite accent, choosing bright contrasting wallpapers for it. The niche space can be small and large, deep and small, perform only decorative or purely utilitarian functions.

Niches In The Interior Of The Apartment

Do not forget: it is almost always darker here than in other parts of the premises, so you should think in advance about additional (for example, integrated LED) backlight. The play of light and shadow adds space to space, visually expands it, highlights objects in a niche. Designers have a wide choice: spotlights of various sizes and configurations, halogen lamps, LED filaments, etc.

How to create niches in the apartment: some good ideas and photo interiors

Depending on the purpose, such designs are functional or decorative. The first ones are suitable for embedding furniture and appliances, while the second ones serve as decoration, as they most often have an unusual shape, interesting lighting, are made out of stained glass. If it is necessary to arrange a small pharmacy no rx dwelling, the designers suggest building open shelving in a niche, creating a cozy corner for rest and reading or a separate sleeping place. Interior specialists consider niches to be the ideal place for a bed since the person who is here has a pleasant feeling of solitude, security because there will be walls from 3 sides. Covering it with a screen or a beautiful curtain, you will be able to isolate yourself from the outside world, immerse yourself in your own, which is conducive to relaxation and peace.

Niches In The Interior Of The Apartment

In very narrow and small studios, experts recommend arranging a niche with a transforming bed in order to hide a sleeping bed during daytime hours using a lifting mechanism. One of the best places with a sleeping place in a niche is, of course, children’s. Your little fidget from this idea will be delighted because in this cozy corner you can be left alone (without vigilant control from adults!) This is practically a room in a room. And do not forget to use the space under the bed, having organized their additional storage systems. Simple, beautiful, but the main thing is functional!

Niches In The Interior Of The Apartment


It is advantageous to beat even the most inconvenient layout, equipping the kitchen in the resulting niche. As a rule, only a compact headset can be found here, and the dining area can be moved. A niche furniture set most often includes compact but roomy lower modules, as well as small wall cabinets / open dishware shelves. Any of the options will not break the harmonious perception.

Niches In The Interior Of The Apartment

The best design options for wall niches

Modern materials and various ways of combining them will help nontrivially draw a recess in the wall. Among the most successful solutions:

  1. Decorative plaster. The textured material applied in several layers will create a 3D effect.
  2. Painting. The easiest and most popular way. Shades of tone to tone with the surface of the wall will give a cozy calm atmosphere, and contrasting colors will be an expressive accent.
  3. Stickers with a pattern.
  4. Textured wallpaper.
  5. Color mosaic.
  6. Panno.
  7. Bamboo panels.

Niches In The Interior Of The Apartment

Before you take on the equipment of the niches space, you should decide what exactly you plan to place here. It can be anything from a home library to interior decoration items: figurines, flower vases, indoor plants, photo frames. Thus, in modern design, a niche is not just an aperture – it is an assistant that performs a lot of utilitarian functions while remaining an aesthetic and attractive interior detail.

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