Modern Walls In The Interior Of The Living Room

The relevance of the issue relating to storage, unchanged in any apartment. After all, every item or clothing in the house should have its place. To streamline family luggage and avoid creating complete chaos, you just need to choose the right modern walls in the hall, focusing on the style of the main situation in the room.

Modern Walls In The Interior Of The Living Room

Features of fashionable furniture

Of course, now the furniture is significantly different from the bored all the Soviet hills, which covered the dust of the book and crystal. Modern modular designs are characterized by a variety of styles and colors, which allows you to clearly select the wall in the hall, decorated in any direction, starting with pop art and ending with minimalism.

Modern walls can be installed in the halls of any style and capacity:

  • Classic – straight cabinets with open shelves will look great in large spacious rooms;
  • U-shaped (there are both large and very tiny, so they are suitable for any hall);
  • Corner designs will help to correctly use every centimeter, therefore, recommended for installation in small spaces.

Modern Walls In The Interior Of The Living Room

In addition to external differences, modern modular units may have a considerable capacity. Despite the apparent compactness, with the right approach, they can be stored as small items of clothing, and overall outerwear for the winter season. Among other things, in some slides, there is a separate place for a TV, as well as mini shelves for small electronics.

In addition, modern walls in the hall are characterized by other indisputable advantages:

  • Maintaining order (even with an abundance of things in the house, you can simply hide them);
  • Win-win mobility (movement of individual elements is allowed without loss of functionality);
  • Masking of defects (the slide will perfectly hide any defects of the interior on the walls, ceiling or floor).

Modern Walls In The Interior Of The Living Room

Criteria for selection of modern walls for the hall

The abundance of modular designs in modern stores allows you to choose the ideal option with the desired height, depth, and width. And these figures, as is known, depend only on the total area of the hall and the personal preferences of the apartment owners. When choosing a wall, it is important to take into account the needs of all family members: the number of closed and open elements must correspond to the volume of things intended for storage.

In modern slides can be provided:

  • Open narrow racks for scrap items or small decor;
  • Monolithic modules, which usually store dishes for the holidays;
  • Mini bar;
  • Durable and overall shelves for electronics that can withstand increased load;
  • Wall cabinets in which a mini library, an album with family photos or a first-aid kit can be located.

In addition to the auxiliary boxes and shelves, all modern walls are equipped with departments for storing clothes. Their number is usually calculated based on the number of people in the family. In addition, a separate place for storing bed linen and towels should be defined in the modular design.

Modern Walls In The Interior Of The Living Room

Modern walls in the hall can be made in various configurations:

  • Built-in prepared niches in the room. Their advantage is the low price – instead of the overall boundary elements the floor, ceiling, and walls are used, so you only have to pay for visible modules and shelves. A disadvantage of such structures can be called the need for preliminary preparation of the walls. Their finishing should be made of materials resistant to possible mechanical damage.
  • Cabinet – complete, one-piece wardrobes with shelves, located in any part of the hall. Having such a wall, you can easily update the interior, making the permutation. The disadvantage of the design is only impressive dimensions, as well as the impossibility of its installation in places with an imperfectly flat floor.
  • Modular – the combined sections standing separately or densely adjacent to each other. They also need to be installed on a flat floor, but they only allow you to individually select the required number and characteristics of the modules needed to furnish a particular room.

Modern Walls In The Interior Of The Living Room

However, the walls are not really made of modern style and equipment, but well-chosen decor. Of course, for this, you should not litter the open shelves with books or arrange a lot of figurines. To decorate a slide, it’s enough to pick up 2-3 suitable accessories, the rest is to hide in a lockable drawer.

If there are flowers in the room that do not tolerate direct sunlight (for example, orchids), they can also be put in a suitable cell. The modern design assures maximum freedom of access to each module of the wall; therefore, it is better to give up too large plants persistently wrapping around the handles and shelves.

Modern Walls In The Interior Of The Living Room

Photos of inspirational interior design ideas

An extensive range in furniture stores allows you to find absolutely any suitable design that meets all the requirements: appropriate for the size of the room, with a harmonious texture and the necessary functionality. And in the case of difficulties, you can get the desired option by ordering it according to individual parameters or with a reference to a specific (liked) photo.

For example, a wall that allows for the presence of modern innovations will be suitable for hi-tech: it will provide space for all elements of home appliances in the hall, as well as a separate space for a large monitor. Minimalism, supported in the vast majority of modern apartments, can be harmoniously complemented by an appropriate mini installation.

Modern Walls In The Interior Of The Living Room

Modern machines in the hall, decorated in the classic direction, also significantly ennoble the room. But for this, it is important to comply with the main condition for creating an interior – to stick to one line with the internal design. Only the right combination of styles will create a sense of completeness and harmony.

An important element of classic models in modern design is:

  • The presence of natural wood textures of natural shades;
  • The decor is inherent in a particular style of components;
  • Strict adherence to the correct geometry.

Modern Walls In The Interior Of The Living Room

Regardless of the chosen style, when installing the wall in the hall you need to know that natural, rough surfaces will add nobility, but visually reduce the area of the room. To visually enlarge the space, you will need to add metallic, glossy, glass or mirror elements. An excellent solution will be the internal lighting of the slide when small lamps are mounted directly under the shelves or the roof.

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