Many contractors are solo practitioners and small to medium-sized businesses

Many contractors are solo practitioners and small to medium-sized businesses

To minimize marketing time and expense, new business contractor leads can grow the contractor’s revenues and business. By spending a smaller amount on leads, the contractor can boost the bottom line. Some sites provide leads for a percentage of the job or a flat fee. If the site generates consistent quality leads, the business owner can focus on performing work and getting paid.

Internet lead generation can help the contracting business to develop a trustworthy presence with new customers. According to Inc. Magazine, fewer prospective customers refer to the Yellow Pages or newspaper to identify contractors, plumbers, or electricians they need. It’s natural to search the Internet if the prospect doesn’t have a direct referral from someone he or she trusts.

Free Business Leads

With a little resourcefulness, it’s also possible for the contractor to identify free leads. One of the most efficient ways to generate new leads is to ask existing customers to refer friends and family members. After the contractor satisfactorily completes a job, it’s important to ask for referrals. If the customer is happy with the work, he or she will probably want to tell others about the business. Other ways to generate new business leads includes word of mouth advertising, yard signage, and local, county and state offices.

Word of Mouth Advertising

Marketing experts believe that word of mouth advertising is high octane fuel for business growth. It’s considered the best lead source because satisfied clients use word of mouth to refer new business. There’s less guesswork involved for the prospect and a conference of trust. His or her friend or family member has first hand experience and completed project results to share.

After completing the job, ask the client for referrals and also encourage word of mouth advertising. Some contractors offer the current client a financial incentive to spread the good word while others simply leave two or three business cards for the customer to share.

Yard Signage

If permitted, place a yard sign in the homeowner’s yard as a way to tell his or her neighbors about the project. Plan to collect information about the client’s neighborhood and follow-up by phone or mail with neighbors about the business. Yard signage is a passive but powerful new business marketing tool.

Local, County and State Offices

Don’t forget to register with state or local county offices as a contracting vendor. The contractor is notified about new open for bid projects by email or fax. If the contractor is a preferred vendor at the local or county level, it’s possible to become eligible for state projects. Ask local, county, and state purchasing departments about how to register the contracting business.

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