Ideas for decorating a Christmas garage

Although sometimes it is an area of the house that is forgotten in terms of decor, the fact is that the garage has a lot of possibilities. We saw some ways to have it orderly and organized and what uses could give apart from saving the car. But today let’s focus on something to what is already little … And have you thought about dressing up your garage to make it look very nice this Christmas? We will give some thoughts to it. Surely your visitors are very surprised when they come to your home!

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A space for celebrations

You have to think that if you’re going to get a lot of people home for dinner or for lunch may need a large for all to be comfortable space. Why not in the garage? It is a generally transparent place if ordered can become a stay more welcoming to celebrate Christmas. Yes, we will have to decorate it well …

Put the place to enjoy Christmas

Before getting to decorate, the first thing you have to do is clean well this space so that no staining, there is no dust or grease. Organizes things you have stored for more space and leaves only the furniture that go to use: table, chairs and some extra lighting.

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Christmas decorations for the garage

With garage decoration that own coldness avoid this area of the house. If you use it only as a place to store things or to leave the guarded car and you have already made space for a table and chairs comes time to decorate for the occasion. Place wreaths on the walls, a crown and, of course, do not miss the tree. You can put a normal, like you give at home, one smaller in a corner or create another with a thematic own garages. Like the idea of doing with wheels?

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The lighting

Generally a garage or is not well lit or has a sad, cold light. But we are in times of celebration and joy, so you have to help an extra lighting to give you a Christmas touch to the place. Place lanterns or LED garlands of lights scattered around the room, placed a lamp to create a welcoming atmosphere and do not forget the candles on the table, they will not give much light but will create a very warm environment.

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Decorate the garage door

Another option, which is complemented by the interior decoration we are seeing, is to decorate the garage door. Thus, from the outside, all that is Christmas notice and give a nice welcome your guests. You have many ways to do this, since most discreet to the most striking. If you do not want it to be very excessive can put a wreath with dried flowers from side to side of the door or a crown. If you like Christmas live it up, put colored lights. And if you have a tree nearby, I decorate too.


Another idea for decorating your garage at Christmas is to use a household with allegorical motifs, i.e. dress your table with cups, plates and napkins with Christmas prints or own colors this time of year, such as red or gold, for example. It will be another way to fill this colorful place you probably never you have given such a nice use. Do you dare to wear light and joy your garage? Certainly you create a very cool place to welcome your guests.

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