Ideas for organizing kitchen cabinets

Keeping order in the kitchen is essential. It is a place where cleanliness and organization should prevail as we work here with food and we cannot leave the space dirty or scrambled, but everything in the middle. Neither here nor in any room, but in the kitchen almost with special attention to the subject of hygiene.

There are many solutions that will help you keep orderly kitchen cabinets. Today we are going to see some of those practical ideas designed for it. There will be no excuse now! Also, with the clear counter tops, you are sure to prepare your dishes with much more comfort. In the end, everything influences.

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Removable Storage

An idea that is very practical in the kitchen is to place shelves or removable storage systems. This will help keep the inside of your closets in order. You can put them in different ways, look at these two examples and you’ll see two of them, with shelves that come out and allow you to have everything organized and always at hand. You will see at a glance what you keep inside the closet.

Organize the closet by sections

One way to organize your closets is to set different sections depending on the use you give to each thing. For example, you can place pots, pans and pans in the bottom of a cupboard, and other kitchen utensils at the top. In another you can store your tuppers, in another covered ones, in another the elements of baking (if you have), in other glasses and cups, in a drawer the covers with its own organizer, cleaning products under the sink … A trick is Leave things as close to the place where you are going to employ them.

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By zones

Another option is to do it by zones. For example. In zone 1 you will save all that you use daily so that it is at hand and has a quick and simple access. In zone 2 you will save what you use less frequently, but you still use every week, like pans, pans … and in zone 3, place that which you use very occasionally, it does not even have to be especially accessible (so take advantage of the high parts of the cabinets).

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Do not forget the doors

Doors can also help you organize your closets. And is that this surface that we leave totally forgotten occasions offers us a very interesting space that deserves to take advantage. For example, you can paste a notepad and a pen to point the shopping list there, hang small baskets with small utensils, not very wide cutlery or even small spice cans, for example. Anything that can be placed on this vertical surface.

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The organization of the pantry

Just as it is necessary to organize the cabinets, you have to keep the pantry tidy, if you have one in your kitchen. To do it right put the bigger and heavier things in the bottom, and leave the top part for what you use often and you need to have more at hand. Place boxes or containers to keep inside what you do not use much and that you do not want to leave in sight.

Separators in drawers

The drawers are another of the places where you can install in disorder almost without realizing it. Taking advantage of its height and depth is possible if you put inside small boat separators, cutlery trays … and organize everything depending on the type of use you give, more or less frequent.

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