Ideas for naive decoration

Simplicity, innocence and ingenuity. They are words that are associated with the term naif,which, like many others from the art, can be perfectly applicable to the decoration. This style, translated into the interior of a house, translates into a sweet and delicate decoration, with that childlike touch that can lead to any stay of the house. Let’s see some ideas to apply it in yours. You dare?

naive decoration
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Which colors to choose?

Let’s start with the simplest way of introducing the naif decoration in your house: through the colors. In this case, the most suitable are the cakes, from roses to turquoise, yellow … Forget the dark tones. These shades will be wonderful in the painting of the walls, in the furniture or in the decorative accessories.


Another easy idea that will help you take the naif style to your decoration is to place different decorative objects that contribute to design a very sweet environments. I really like geometric style accessories. Another option is to introduce sheets with illustrations, origami figures, printed cushions, some heart, cages, some flowers or pennants.

naive decoration
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The furniture

Furniture also plays a key role. You can choose the colors that we mentioned before but in this case I really like the white furniture on which to place these shades (in textiles or decorative objects, for example, to highlight more). As for materials, wood is always very effective, and also the wicker. They should be simple pieces, without great flourishes, to approach the simplicity and ingenuity of the naif concept.

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Wallpaper on the wall

Another idea that I propose is to place a decorative and cheerful wallpaper on the wall. Again, the base of the pastel colors will be the one that marks your choice. Then, as for the prints, you can choose some floral motif, for example, also geometric, stars, polka dots … Let it be something simple that evoke that innocence of which we speak. And remember, this decoration is not exclusive territory of children’s rooms.

naive decoration
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The use of geometric prints and pastel shades can also be transferred to textiles. For example, if you want to introduce a touch naif in your living room bet for some cushions of this style. Or if you prefer in the bedroom, a duvet cover and pillows will make us find ourselves in a very sweet, welcoming and with some air of ingenuity and innocence.

Children’s bedrooms naif

If there is a stay where the naif style charges its full sense this is the room of the smallest of the house. Here we can give free rein to everything that underlies this form of decoration: simple and childlike elements for the children’s room. I leave you with some examples that illustrate it to perfection. A sure bet will be to bet on details: stuffed animals, pictures, pennants, cushions …

naive decoration
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A bathroom with naif style

How about having a naif style bathroom? Decorating in this way the bathroom is also possible. He bets on luminosity and, once again, on simplicity. It is about creating a very comfortable stay, within the sweetness of this style. You can place a vinyl floor that mimics the wood and bet on accessories in clear tones. Hydraulic tiles are also a good choice for bathing, but choose slightly reloaded or even single color prints. You can make a checkerboard floor by combining white tiles with black, pink, yellow or blue, for example.

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