Ideas for decorating with unicorns

Surely, you’ve noticed. The unicorns invade everything. They are in the clothes, in the accessories and, of course, also in the decoration. So today, I want to show you some ideas to introduce them to your house, in the most subtle or strident way possible, as you prefer. Because if we talk about unicorns we talk about colors, glitter and lots of fantasy. Although, as you will see below, it is also possible to use them in a more moderate way. In any case, unicorns will bring a touch of magic and fun to your home. Do you dare to play with them? There are many possibilities; we tell you some of them below.

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Unicorns in children’s rooms

We begin with one of the rooms where it seems more normal to find this type of fantastic beings: the rooms of the smallest of the house. Here we can use them as a cushion to decorate the bed, with a decorative vinyl on the wall or through some four or foil, for example.

Heads of unicorns on the wall

We have already seen that the heads of animals are very decorative at home. Why not put a unicorn? And not only in the children’s room, for example made with fabric, but also in the living room, of other more robust materials. White is very elegant. You can frame it or let it loose and I love how they are left blank with the horn of some color more showy than contrast. There are a lot of choices.

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Unicorn cushions

I have already gone ahead before but I like this proposal so much that I think it deserves a mention. And is that if already I like to play with the cushions for decoration the idea of placing a unicorn-shaped I find it very funny. It can give a touch of color to the room; If you leave the rest in neutral tones and this one has very vivid hues sure that highlights and brings much joy.

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Unicorn Birthday Parties

Birthdays are events that unicorns will always be invited to. And it is that they allow a lot of decorative options of the most special: from the wall with a big head that presides the candy bar, for example, going through the food itself and the drink, the straw with which we drink or the utensils. The unicorns can invade any birthday party! But they are always very welcome.

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At the office

And why not? It is about playing with them and if you feel like placing them in the office they will look great. For example, Primark bets on the unicorns in its Kitsch 2017 collection, in which we find an incredible lamp perfect for this stay. It will give a touch of color to your table and, above all, create a decoration of the most original. You can also make a plank to hang on one of the walls and keep organized all your tasks with an extra joy.

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