Ideas to make the most of the space available in your bedroom

Lack of space at home is a problem that has many (and easy) solutions. Let’s focus on the bedroom, a stay that, if it is too small, can bring us head on when organizing, distributing and decorating it. This will not happen to you anymore because with the ideas I teach you today you will be able to make the most of every corner available. Take note and apply them in your room. You’ll see what a change!

Multifunctional furniture

The multifunction furniture is great when you want to make the most of the available surface. For example, there are at the same time a bed and a desk or a desk that serves as a bedside table, a headboard that becomes a bookcase, a sofa that is bed at the same time as a closet …

Bedroom Decoration
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Furniture integrated in the headboard

A solution that I like a lot for the bedroom, based on the previous idea, is to choose a headboard that provides you with an extra storage or that fulfills several different functions. For example, it can be at the same time headboard and bedside table, or headboard and bookshelf for your books. With shelves in the air or with some drawers.

Storage under the bed

This is one of the most practical ideas that exist. When you no longer fit anything in the closet and do not know where to store your things, it’s time to take advantage of that space that is dead under the bed and bet on a folding sofa that allows you to store all kinds of things inside. My advice is that they are those that do not use daily : towels or sheets or clothes from another season, for example.

Bedroom Decoration
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Vertical use

Sometimes we waste the surface we have on the walls, so raise your eyes a little and bet on vertical storage. You can put a very high shelf or hang some shelves that occupy all that hole. In them you will keep your books and you can put some photography. If you do not want to leave things in sight put some wooden box or wicker and thus you can become an auxiliary cabinet.

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The comfortable

Do not underestimate the power of a dresser. It is a very practical and decorative furniture. It allows you to keep t-shirts or underwear, for example, and you can use the top to leave some more personal photograph or memory that gives a special touch to the decor of the bedroom. They do not occupy much space and will help you to make better use of available space. In addition, you can play with different styles to give the bedroom a unique personality.

Bedroom Decoration
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Decorative boxes

You know that the decoration with boxes fascinates me. I have named you before, but I want to emphasize that they are a great way to take advantage of the space you have in your bedroom. You can put them on the shelves like I told you before, also inside the closet to better distribute your clothes inside, under the bed or even some bigger, trunk-like, on the floor of the room. They can be made of wood, fabric or the material you like. Smaller for your smaller or larger utensils to keep sheets, blankets or towels.

Playing with colors

Although this is not a purely organizational way, I do recommend that, if you have problems with space and storage in the bedroom, you bet on light colors in your decoration. Normally when we want to make the most of the available square meters, it is because the room is rather small, and the soft and clear tonalities will help make it look more spacious.

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