Ideas for decorating a minimalist bedroom

The minimalist style is based on simplicity and simplicity. With pure lines, neutral colors and noble materials, hardly makes use of any decorative element in the rooms. Nor in the bedrooms. Today we will see some ideas, to decorate this way so that minimalism to delve into your room but without detracting so the cozy and warm feeling fancy in this kind of stay. Would you like to discover how to give your bedroom a new look? We’ll tell you everything next.


In your minimalist bedroom you can choose white, land or gray, but you can also enter details of color more vivid as red contrasting with neutral tones as a basis. Always within that simple style and without stridency that characterizes this type of decoration.

minimalist bedroom
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Furniture for a minimalist bedroom

Choose furniture with straight lines, low height and with very pure and geometric shapes. The materials used. You can place two bedside tables and a chest of drawers, for example, in shades similar to floor, ceiling and even textiles. Modular cabinets can be a good solution, but remember that they should not be too bulky or large. The headboard of the bed, also minimal.


To make your bedroom have that style so characteristic prints forget your bedding and textiles places smooth to give a sophisticated and serene appearance. Avoid placing many cushions and cushions on the bed. As for the curtains, they will not be very bulky either, you can have simple blinds or some rods.

minimalist bedroom
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Unplugged environments

As then you’ll see in the gallery, these bedrooms are characterized by not including any decorative object, or as much any simple with the same lines as the rest of the furniture lines, but you should recharge the space with elements that do not meet any Type of function. You must bet on the sobriety and to include objects and furniture that really have a purpose. If you feel like giving a personal touch you can put a framed photograph, a picture on a wall or a green plant.

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The lighting

A minimalist bedroom is a bedroom that has good lighting, so in addition to natural light can put some lamps on the nightstands and a general light, so there is ambient light and can speak fluently comfortably stay.

minimalist bedroom
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Order, fundamental

The order is very necessary in these rooms, since by not just objects in them all is visible, and anything that is not in place is going to look a lot. So take special care in this case if you want to keep your bedroom in perfect condition.

Serene stays

By not including many elements in your minimalist bedroom the feeling of calm is greater, since there is hardly anything that distracts your attention or is overwhelming. So, even if you think that the stay can be cold, it will be the opposite. The order, brightness and simplicity get the place is very welcoming, while functional.

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