How to Decorate a Rectangular Living Room

Decorating the rooms depending on the shape they have helps us to make the most of the available square meters. Today we will see some ideas for decorating a rectangular room. In this place is where we spend much of our time, whether it is reading, watching TV or chatting with family. That is why it is important to be comfortable and welcoming, and we are going to help the decoration and distribution of all the elements to achieve it.

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The furniture

If your living room is rectangular and not too wide, you should choose the furniture that you are going to put in order to not saturate the space. Do not fill the furniture stay, remember that many times less is more. In this case, you will be very practical which are multifunctional as they serve you as well as storage system for other uses.

The vertical space

When we have a small room and we want to get the most out of it we must think vertical. In this case also, since the walls of your rectangular room can take advantage pair put some furniture, shelf or shelf you serve for storage, leaving books in sight, put a lamp or apply for other than necessary to put a foot…

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The distribution of space

We already have the furniture we want, which we see will not be too many. When rectangular distribution in your room you can put all glued to the wall to free up traffic areas and is comfortable and easy to cross the room without having to dodge. You can put them all aside and leave the rest of the room as free as you can. Nothing happens because the central table is in front of the sofa, there will be furniture that cannot be glued to the wall …

How to relieve the sensation of width

If the room is especially rectangular, that is, too narrow and long, it will look like we are in a kind of tunnel if we do not decorate it well. To alleviate this uncomfortable feeling and create a more comfortable environment can break the effect using furniture with curved lines and circular shapes that balance the hardness of the straight lines of the shape of the room. You can put a round table, a coffee table also with this shape, etc.

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Television hanging

This idea perfectly sums up the two points we have seen before, that is, you will take advantage of vertical space and desaturated space if your lone is long and narrow. TV hanging wall saves you from having to put other furniture in front of the sofa, so you will leave more space to move and move comfortably around the room.

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How to place the sofa

We have already seen that in these types of salons the most appropriate is to place the furniture against the wall to leave the rest of the space free. Another idea is to distribute the seats L-shaped placing a sofa and armchair if the room is small, or two sofas if you have more space, one attached to the wall and the other perpendicular to it.

Differentiate spaces

If your living room is rectangular but quite long you can design different zones depending on the use you give to each. For example, one of them dedicated to relax with the sofa and the TV, then another for reading with an armchair and a floor lamp, and then the dining table with chairs. Or in the order you like … You can apply the tricks we already know that every space is differentiated but perfectly integrated into the whole and each other.

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