Ideas for a Christmas decoration with recycled materials

There are many people who have taken advantage of this bridge of the Constitution to place the Christmas decorations at home. If you have not done it, calm, there are still days to get to Christmas and you have time to prepare it. Today I bring you several ideas for you to design a Christmas decoration with recycled materials. It is about that you create some personalized and very special decorations based on elements of our day to day that we are going to give them a renewed use. We get down to work!

Christmas tree with wood

The first idea is perfect for a Nordic or rustic Christmas decoration. You just have to make some pieces of wood of different sizes and create a Christmas tree with them, placing them from longer to less and holding them behind with a larger ribbon, or you can even hang them directly on the wall in the shape of the fir tree.

Christmas decoration
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Decoration with buttons

The buttons will give you a lot of play for your Christmas decoration. There are many ways to use them. For example, you can make a structure with a cardboard and stick around several green and red colors to have a very original Christmas tree, or you can also design a crown to hang on the door.

Use your old CDs

If you have a CD or DVD that you no longer use, it’s time to give them a new utility. Take several of them and make a Christmas tree of the most original. You only have to place them with the shape of a tree on a poster board and then hang your creation on the door or on a wall. If you are nostalgic, put the part of the CD that shows what singer is or what movie, so you can make a thematic musical or cinematographic decoration. Add a ribbon at the top so it has an extra Christmas touch.

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Christmas decoration
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Christmas decoration with corks

The corks are very useful elements to design your Christmas decoration. You still have time to get hold of several of them to create some very cool ornaments. For example, you can make a fir tree with corks, make some very original ornaments for the tree or a crown of corks to hang in your living room. If the pints will give your decoration an extra touch of color.

With dried pineapples

The pineapples are very decorative at Christmas. They look great as centerpieces, for example. If you want to give them a touch of joy put on a plastic or cardboard paint of different shades and passes the pineapple on each of the colors. Thus, the tips of the pineapples will be dyed in different shades, from your favorites, and will have a different air to the traditional brown pineapples more typical of autumn.

Christmas decoration
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With toilet paper cartons

The toilet paper cartons are also great for making a fun Christmas decoration. They have a lot of possibilities. For example, you can make Christmas trees, reindeer, figures of Santa Claus, snowmen or decorations for the tree by cutting several circles and joining them in a star shape.

Figures with peanuts

I love these ornaments. You’re just going to need a few peanuts, some paint, wire and string. In them you can create the characters that you like the most: paint a white one and it will be a great snowman, another one in red with a white beard to make it Santa Claus … With the wire you can make the little hands and the hook to pass the rope and Hang them from the tree. A very entertaining craft for any afternoon.

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