How to Store Lawn Mower Batteries Over the Winter

Many of us forget to store mower batteries over the winter. Most people leave their mowers exposed all winter, and if you do this then you might find that the battery won’t charge. This is because the battery isn’t able to absorb as much electricity when it is cold outside, so you can’t charge it. You will find that when you do need to charge the battery that it is a real pain to do so. This is why you will want to know how to store lawn mower batteries over the winter so everything is good to go come springtime.

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If you know that your battery is going to be dead when you are getting ready to use it, or when you start to use it, then you will want to know how to store them better when they are not in use. You will find that you can store these batteries in a small plastic bag, and then you will want to wrap the entire thing in a newspaper. This way you can be sure that no moisture gets into your battery and that it stays dry. Should you need Mountfield Parts, go to a site like DIY Spare Parts

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You should also know how to remove the battery from the mower and keep it in a dry area where it will not accumulate moisture. You will also want to avoid running your mower for any reason until the battery is completely recharged. This way you can be sure that you have properly charged the battery.



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