How Double Glazing Saves Money on Energy Costs

Double glazing is a method of insulating a building in which the air flow between windows and frames is doubled. Insulating glass usually consists of at least two or more panes of glass separated by an air-tight space or by a sealed gap. There are various types of double glazing, with some incorporating a gas barrier to provide extra resistance to heat transfer. The most common form is framed double glazing, often with a honeycomb pattern to increase the insulative value.

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The most effective way to insulate a building is to insulate both sides of an entire wall, not just one side. Even partial double glazing can improve energy efficiency by reducing internal air infiltration and thermal bridging. In addition, the installation of double glazing on high traffic windows will reduce noise levels and lower heating bills by improving insulation in the building. The initial cost of installing double glazed windows will be repaid through improved energy efficiency and reduced heating bills after the first year. It is important to work with a Double Glazing Cheltenham company such as Firmfix Double Glazing to make sure your windows are installed correctly.

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Double glazing can also be used in conjunction with another form of insulation called thermal mass. Thermal mass is created by framing walls in addition to the glass, then filling the air gaps with insulating foam. Although thermal mass may help to keep a room cooler, it is inefficient in that it provides very little insulation. Double glazing, filled with argon, a dense gas that insulates better than air, provides a much better match.



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