Halloween painting at home: pumpkins, garlands, and lots of imagination to celebrate safely with the children

Halloween painting

Halloween painting at home: pumpkins, garlands, and lots of imagination to celebrate safely with the children

This year it will not be possible to celebrate in clubs, organize noisy parties at home and go around shouting ‘trick or treat’, but you can still experience the Halloween party within the walls of the house celebrating with your children. It’s just a little while now and if you are planning to turn your sweet home into one of the horrors, then we suggest some tips for a perfect Halloween-style set-up.

Here are some tips on how to create   DIY decorations for young and old, cheap and easy to make.

The entrance

For the little ones, you can apply stickers and create monstrous faces, or add pumpkins, cobwebs, sheets to recreate ghosts.

DIY garland

The entrance can be decorated with a DIY garland. Here is what you need:

  • wire for florists, available in flower shops but also at hardware stores;
  • vine shoots;
  • black acrylic paint;
  • spray and brush;
  • plastic snakes, available at toy stores.

It will be necessary to paint the vine shoots and snakes with black paint first and allow them to dry. In the meantime, you make the wreath by wrapping the wire around itself and painting it black with spray paint. Once this is done, fix the branches and snakes as you like.


At this time of the year, the shops sell everything they need for decorations: tablecloths, fake cobwebs, pumpkins, candles, candles, masks, costumes, skeletons and skulls to be placed here and there are ideal for creating the right atmosphere.

Those who love DIY, can’t help but lose their head in making the classic lantern using a  pumpkin. How to proceed?

Get a pumpkin with a regular shape and a nice orange tone. With the help of a knife, make a hole in the pumpkin that has a diameter of at least 10 cm, so as to easily allow the insertion of the candle, using an awl and a spoon then empty the pumpkin. Once the hardest part of the job is finished, we move on to the more creative one, giving a face to the lantern. To do this, the components of the face must be drawn or printed individually. Secure the cutouts on the pumpkin with scotch tape and make them using a cutter for finishing. Once complete, insert a small candle inside the pumpkin.

Ready, set … virtual partyHalloween painting

Once you are ready, with the themed decorated house and you dressed up and dressed up with your children, you can organize a virtual party with classmates or sports friends. All connected you will be ready to spend an evening between remote games and maybe having a snack based on scary biscuits.