Plants With Fragrant Leaves for Indoor House

plants with fragrant leaves

Plants With Fragrant Leaves for Indoor House

There is no doubt that aromatic plants are an excellent alternative to decorate and give a pleasant smell to our home while serving those who love to cook with fresh products. However, when choosing them, it is very important to be clear about which ones are suitable for the interior due to their delicacy, and which ones are suitable for the exterior because they are more resistant. Do you prefer to have them indoors? Here, we explain which are the perfect indoor aromatic plants.

Plants with fragrant leaves

Some aromatic plants are great for our house but they are also tremendously delicate, requiring a significant amount of water, care and a lot of daily light but without direct sunlight. Otherwise, they could end up wilting. For this reason, the aromatic indoor plants that we mention below should be indoors in an illuminated area but well protected from the cold and excessive sun.

It is also important that when using them to cook the cuts with a scissor, avoiding tearing them off which could affect your well-being.


The Mint is one of the, most aromatic plants perfect for our home if you like to cook or prepare food with Asian soft drinks, as well as having many benefits, especially for gastric system. It usually grows a lot and should always be kept in a separate post as it is considered a somewhat invasive plant. Keep in mind that it is a plant that requires regular watering as it prefers humid soils, this is important especially in the hottest months.


This appreciated plant reigns within Italian gastronomy will bring an incredible aroma to your home, as well as being the perfect ally if you enjoy cooking pesto dishes, sauces and pasta of all kinds. This aromatic indoor plant requires fundamental but continuous care: frequent watering, light but not direct sun exposure, and regular pruning to prevent it from blooming, which provides an aniseed flavor not so pleasant when consuming it.


If you enjoy cooking, there is no doubt that a parsley plant will be very useful for you. This food is full of beneficial properties for our health, being an ideal indoor plant because it does not withstand direct sunlight, it also requires frequent watering to prevent drying.


Like its cousin mint, peppermint will bring a fresh flavor to your dishes and drinks while being a great ally to benefit our gastric health. This plant requires frequent water but without exceeding, in addition to sunlight, being a resistant alternative to hot climates.


Coriander adds flavor to all our dishes, in addition to having a simply delicious aroma. This aromatic indoor plant appreciates and needs sunlight, in addition to requiring moist soil so you must take care of the risk to ensure that it grows in perfect condition.


The lavender can be both inside and outside, but if you choose to have it indoors will provide an excellent aroma as well as requiring little care. It is an aromatic plant that needs light and sun and should not be watered in abundance, as it can tolerate drought very well.

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