How Do You Maintain a Perfect Lawn? Lawn Maintenance Tips

lawn maintenance tips

How Do You Maintain a Perfect Lawn? Lawn Maintenance Tips

We all like to enjoy the freshness and beauty that the lawn brings to any garden. Although there are numerous types and, therefore, many specifications when it comes to caring for them, we give you some lawn maintenance tips.

10 basic lawn maintenance tips

lawn maintenance tips

There are two main times to plant a new lawn: spring and fall. It can also be sown throughout the period from March to October if you have a good irrigation system and sufficient water.

If the soil is very compacted, it is necessary to till and move the soil. Make it up to about 10 or 15 cm deep. With this, you will be able to aerate the ground for the benefit of the lawn.

The best place for the lawn is the sunniest. Plant it preferably on the south side of the house if you live in mild weather. In case the summers are very hot and dry, it may be more advisable to locate it on the north slope.

For a looser and better draining soil, add a layer of sand. About 2 cm will suffice.

Before planting, add a layer of compost. You must use complete slow-release fertilizers, which ensure nutrition adjusted to the needs of the lawn for 2 or 3 months.

Perform a maintenance subscription to provide nutrients continuously. It should always be done 2 days after mowing, with short grass.

Installing an automatic irrigation system will save many problems and is the most comfortable and simple option. It is essential to water evenly.

If you are going to do it manually, install a sprinkler in the irrigation hose. Never water in the central hours of the day.

If you lay grass with sods, make the first cut after 12 days. A high cut with a well-sharpened mower blade. The grass can be used within 2 weeks after installation.

To recover damaged areas, perform a local reseeding. With some compost and more intense watering, it will serve as superficial makeup for your lawn.

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