How to Grow Climbing Plants on Balcony

how to grow climbing plants

How to Grow Climbing Plants on Balcony

The climbing plants are able to enhance the aesthetic beauty of every type of balcony and, in addition, have other very advantageous characteristics: in winter, for example, insulate the house from the cold and in summer the preserve of the high temperatures. As seen, there are many advantages that climbing plants produce. It will only be necessary to cultivate them in the most appropriate way for their harmonious growth. In this guide, therefore, we want to show you how to grow climbing plants.

How to grow climbing plants?

You will need:

  • Rake
  • Work gloves
  • Mulch
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Support lattice

how to grow climbing plants

Eliminate the weed vegetation

Get down to business immediately. First you will have to eliminate any weed vegetation on your balcony. Subsequently, dig a hole within the ground that has a diameter of at least 35-40 cm and fertilize it using an organic fertilizer. Alternatively, you could also use cornunghia, a special animal-based fertilizer mixed with mineral elements. Clean up the area around which you carried out the intervention and now dedicate yourself to burying the climbing plant, following the instructions that we will provide in the next paragraph.

Bury the climbing plant

Now, therefore, it will be possible to bury the chosen climbing plant. You must first make sure that it can remain in the same depth it was in when it was placed inside the vase in which they sold it to you. Plant the element and then cover the ground with mulch. Remember not to plant the creeper near walls, because in that area the soil can become dry and this would irreparably compromise its growth. Let the plant take root in the soil and spray it moderately with water only after a couple of days have actually passed since it was buried.

Apply a stand

You will see that, after some time, the plant will begin to develop very quickly. At this point it will be necessary to fan it and attach it to a support. This is to allow the climbing plant to grow along the actually desired direction. Remember that some types of climbing plants have aerial roots that allow the plant itself to attach itself to walls or any fences on the balcony. Others, on the other hand, only have branches and for this reason they must be necessarily attached to special supports. Therefore opt for safe supports, such as metal wires, trellises or pergolas, or the most suitable tools to allow the climbing plant to grow in a harmonious and aesthetically appreciable way.

Never plant creepers near walls on the balcony.

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