How to Avoid Wasting Water? Follow These Instructions

How to avoid wasting water

How to Avoid Wasting Water? Follow These Instructions

Water is a fundamental compound for the life of all living things on the planet. Still, the data report that about 40% of the water in Italy is wasted. The importance of saving water is therefore often underestimated, generating negative repercussions on both the environment and the cost of consumption. Let’s see how to avoid wasting water by taking simple but effective daily measures.

How to avoid wasting water?

A washing machine is an indispensable appliance. Unfortunately, we often use it even if we have to wash one or two sheets or just a few items of clothing. Using the washing machine only with heavy loads is an excellent first step in saving several liters of water. Should it be necessary to wash a few items of clothing, it is recommended to opt for a hand wash, filling a plastic basin with water only twice: the first with soap, the second without soap for rinsing the washed laundry.

How to avoid wasting water

Save water when washing dishes

Washing dishes by hand in the home sink often involves the continued use of running water and there is often talk of an unnecessary amount of wasted water. It is better to fill the sink bowl and use that same water gradually to rinse the soap dishes or, if you have two basins, fill them both (even if not entirely) and use one to moisten the dirty dishes, the other to rinse those already washed.

Save water when washing floors

If the floors we need to wash are not heavily dirty, the water collected again after washing can be used to freshen other walkable surfaces: just add alcohol or other detergents to clean the surfaces in question and make the water disinfectant. The wastewater from air conditioners is also perfectly recyclable for washing floors, watering plants or being used in the iron (being fully demineralized water).

Save water by drinking tap water

Generally, water is always drinkable. In mid-level countries, have been high bottled water purchases for decades, like other countries that buy packaged water since ambien online domestic water is not drinkable. Rediscovering the habit of consuming tap water, filling glass bottles to be kept in the fridge, favors the protection of the family budget and also the environmental one, also reducing the purchase of plastic which is not always recycled.

Save water in personal hygiene

Brushing your teeth or shaving are actions that we do every day with a very high frequency: keeping running water open unnecessarily during the duration of these moments of personal care can be really expensive and harmful. During the brushing of teeth, we only fill a glass of water that will be used to rinse the mouth at the end of the cleaning, while during shaving it is recommended to fill the bathroom sink only with enough water to rinse the razor blades between past and the other on the face.

Save water with maintenance

A leaking toilet bowl, taps dripping unceasingly, non-diversified cisterns: these are other reasons why the waste of water grows more and more. Keeping the level of house maintenance high, repairing the badly maintained sanitary ware, can entail a small initial expense which, in the long term, can only bring economic and environmental benefits. Again, replace the old toilet cisterns (which provide a single 12-liter water drain) with the more modern ones, which have two diversified 6-liter and 12-liter drains (based on the need for cleaning), it gives us the possibility to choose independently when to save precious water.

Save water when washing vegetables

Vegetables are foods consumed in large quantities in our country; it follows that the need to rinse large quantities every year requires a considerable quantity of water. Also for the washing of vegetables, it is not necessary to use running water: we can fill the basin of the sink and leave our products to soak (but not for too long: there is a risk of dispersing fundamental nutrients in the water).

The still-hot cooking water of the pasta is an excellent degreaser for dishes.

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