Furnish your home with small mirrors

small mirrors

Furnish your home with small mirrors

How to decorate the different rooms of the house with small mirrors: ideas for furnishing the entrance, the bathroom, the living room, the bedroom, the corridor, the bedroom with mirrors. Examples of using mirrors to embellish your home.

The mirror was born as a functional element to look at and finds natural placement in environments such as the bedroom, the bathroom, or the entrance to the house or to diffuse the light in the rooms, or even increase the perspective of the spaces.

But small mirrors are also decorative elements that can also be used to embellish the home, to transform an environment, and give it a particular style.

After all, the small mirrors is an extremely versatile piece of furniture, as it can be placed in any room, and can have any shape, size and can be part of a composition.

With small mirrors you can renovate and decorate your home, even with little money, creating original and design settings.

Where and how to place the small mirrors

There are several environments in charge of hosting a mirror: from the entrance to the house to the corridor to the bedroom to the living room,  a mirror placed in the right place harmonizes the environment, generating pleasant perspectives.

Small mirrors in front of a windowsmall mirrors

Especially when you enjoy a beautiful view, placing a mirror opposite the window allows you to reflect parts of the landscape and helps to diffuse the light making the environment more alive and sunny.

Mirror leaning against the wall

A mirror with an important or particular frame finds its maximum decorative expression when it is placed against a wall, becoming an important piece of furniture in the environment, able to enhance the chosen style.

For example, you can choose a mirror with a wooden frame for a rustic, antique, or even seaside setting, while an iron frame matches an industrial or minimalist style.

Rules and tricks for embellishing your home with mirrorssmall mirrors

However, there are a few simple rules to follow so that you can make any environment unique and harmonious:

  • avoid mirrors with large frames in too small rooms, but aim for minimal frames, leaving all the useful dimension to the mirror;
  • never allocate the mirrors at the end of a corridor, especially if it is narrow because it will make it seem even longer, creating a narrowing effect, while it is advisable to apply them on the sides to give the idea of ​​a corridor twice as wide;
  • never place the mirrors in front of empty walls as this would amplify the feeling of bareness;
  • use mirrors to reflect natural light into the surrounding environment, placing them in such a way as to direct the light coming from a source such as a window, a skylight, etc., towards an environment devoid of natural sources of lighting;
  • it is possible to collect mirrors of different sizes and use them as a mosaic, creating different shapes and perspectives;
  • we use frames to furnish and decorate thanks to the possibility of matching the style of the furniture or that we want to give to the room.

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