Eco-Style Interior In The Apartment

Eco-Style Interior In The Apartment

Eco-style is today one of the most popular trends in interior design. Residents of megacities are trying to compensate for the lack of communication with wildlife, filling the apartment with greenery, natural materials, and flowers that promote relaxation and create a harmonious atmosphere. Decorating a studio apartment in eco-style will give it extra volume; visually spread the walls through the use of neutral, natural colors and competent lighting. In addition, the eco-style is in many ways similar to minimalism and the Scandinavian direction, which is especially important for small areas.

Eco-Style Interior In The Apartment

The basic principles of eco-style Interior

This direction has several main characteristics, but its main difference is that all of them are based on a common idea. The eco-design studio design techniques are aimed at creating a harmonious, natural environment with the use of harmless, natural materials and elements of wildlife.

The main features of the “ecological” interior:

  • Natural materials in decoration, accessories, decoration, furnishings;
  • Natural, muted colors;
  • Minimalist setting using the most necessary household items;
  • Built-in appliances in the kitchen, built-in large-sized furniture, merging with the decoration of the walls;
  • Minimum decor, decorations;
  • Home-made interior items made from natural materials are welcome, as in the photo below.

Eco-Style Interior In The Apartment

Color palette

In the interior of a studio apartment in eco-style, regardless of size, it is customary to use natural colors, while respecting the classic “three colors” rule (the basic tone, which occupies up to 80% of the total area, the companion color, and the brightest accent shade). Often the decoration will be made in light wood tones, in white, milky, gray, blue colors. They also use ocher and terracotta, olive and herbal, chocolate, dark wood, blue, navy blue, turquoise, sunny yellow. As a rule, the basis of the interior is made up of muted and neutral tones with small bright patches. It can be a tandem of white, natural light wood and yellow, blue, gray and woody tones, blue, turquoise and pale blue with wooden elements, herbal and dark wood on a white background, as in the photo.


When planning a renovation in a studio apartment in eco-style, give preference to natural materials. In the first place in terms of scale is the tree, which is used both as floor coverings, and for wall decor, and in the production of furniture. Natural stone, brick, ceramics, paper, textiles, cotton, flax, jute, bamboo, rattan, wool – these are the main elements used in the design of an apartment-studio in an ecological style. It is important to observe the harmony in the use of materials of different textures and colors, balancing bricks with wood and stone slabs – paper wallpaper. On a small square, a heavy stone, bricks, and planks should be diluted with glass, transparent elements that will merge with the overall design, not embossing, but dissolving in the interior, making it lighter, lighter and airy.

Eco-Style Interior In The Apartment

Wall, floor, ceiling decoration

Any repair begins with drawing up a design project. In accordance with the project, work on the finishing of large-scale surfaces is first carried out: the ceiling, walls, and floor. The interior of the studio apartment in eco-style will perfectly fit the floors of natural wood, both painted and natural shade. In the kitchen area and in the hallway you can put tiles “under the stone” of neutral colors, and in the room itself – laminate “under the tree”, floorboard or cork flooring.

Walls can be painted in plain white, any neutral natural shade, using harmless paint. Paper or textile wallpapers, including those with floristic prints or photo wallpapers on one of the walls, look great with a perspective and a natural plot (landscape with mountains, sea, forest). It is necessary to supplement such an accent wall with white, greenish, gray-blue or another, suitable for the color scale monotonous design of large surfaces. If you plan to combine loft and eco styles in the interior, brick walls painted in white will do. You can leave and terracotta bricks, but it also needs to be treated with special compounds. Wooden panels “will eat” the area in a small studio apartment, so decorating the walls with them should be dosed, and even better – combining them with built-in furniture, which is fully integrated into the design. Ceramic tile finishing is relevant in the kitchen area, and a small podium combined with a kitchen apron can be built from floor tiles or wood, which will visually divide the space into different functional areas.

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The ceilings in the studios decorated in eco-style often left bleached, or use a finish or coating of natural gypsum. On large levitra online squares and in one-room apartments with high ceilings, ceiling beams of painted or matt varnished wood will be appropriate. Beams are ideal for mounting spotlights, suspensions or inconspicuous LED lighting, masking communications. With the help of ceiling structures, it is convenient to mount various decorative elements: dividing batten or glass partitions, shelves, pots with flowers and climbing plants.

Eco-Style Interior In The Apartment

Window decoration

The ideal option for windows and doorways in the ecological design of a studio apartment is wooden window frames and door leaves. Suit and budget option, plastic windows “under the tree.” Since eco-style involves the maximum amount of daylight, the windows are usually not curtained with heavy curtains and curtains, using light, thin tulle made from natural materials (linen, cotton). Also relevant are roller blinds and curtains made from rice paper, bamboo, fabrics without prints, light and natural shades of suitable colors.

Natural textiles are predominantly of rough texture and used in the upholstery of upholstered furniture, cushions, bed linen, bedspreads. Floor carpets and paths have muted tones, almost merging with the floor, or imitate the colors of navy, grass, sand, brick, and pebble. Pile on carpets is short, and fur details are not used at all, because they cause associations with animal skins, hunting, which adherents of unity with nature and achieving inner harmony absolutely do not accept.

Lighting fixtures

The sources of light in the eco-style studio apartment that complement and compensate for the lack of daylight are the ceiling, wall lamps: built-in models, LEDs, and also suspensions and chandeliers with shades of rattan, bamboo, straw, wooden elements, rice paper. You can light the studio with built-in and inconspicuous spots, decorating the center of the room with a chandelier from the branches of the original design, or hang a tree branch decorated with light bulbs above the dining table.


The main part of the decor of the apartment in eco-style is made of wood. Most often – it is built-in furniture, merging with the interior. In the design of the kitchen are allowed classic panel facades, doors with glass inserts, countertops, and apron made of natural stone or its imitation. The dining group is also often wooden, but designers allow an alternative option of transparent acrylic. Wooden chairs, coffee tables, stools, and armchairs will easily replace rattan, and furniture made of pallets, including beds and sofas, is also popular. The design is the simplest and most practical, without exquisite bends, carvings, and patterns, since eco-style is close to minimalism. In the “ecological” studio apartment there is a place for wooden shelves and shelves for books and decor items.

Decor and accessories

One of the basic rules for an eco-design studio apartment is minimum decor. Hand-made objects can be used as accessories: wicker mats, rugs of neutral colors, compositions of dry twigs, stones, shells, dried flowers. A panel of wood saws adorn the walls; make the stand under the hot. Ceramic, glass, wooden vases with dried flowers (not more than one or two) – an alternative to the abundance of greenery inherent in the environmental direction. They put pots with plants on window-sills, hang them in pots, set them on special shelves, and decorate walls with them in the spirit of vertical gardening. A great option is a florarium, created by your own hands, or a path laid out of river pebbles, delimiting different functional zones.

Eco-Style Interior In The Apartment

On the wall, you can hang a picture or panel with a natural theme, but no more than one. If the area will allow, install a beautiful large aquarium with illumination along one of the walls or as a partition. Unfortunately, not every studio has a place for a fireplace, but it is possible to replace it with compositions of candles and greenery, stones, other natural materials in a glass vessel, on a coffee table or in a portal imitating a hearth.

Eco-style studio zoning: popular tricks

As already mentioned, many elements of eco-style studio design can simultaneously perform zoning functions. One of the easiest ways is furniture placement. The sofa turned back to the kitchen and dining table, will provide a guest area. A bed hidden in a podium or behind a linen curtain will define a private corner for sleeping and relaxing. In the eco-design of a studio apartment, light glass and wood partitions, lath structures, plants with plants, green walls from pots suspended from the ceiling, vertical gardens, aquariums with fish, wooden catwalks will perfectly fit in.

Eco-Style Interior In The Apartment

Now you know the ways and options for designing an eco-style studio apartment and you can create your own unique interior as close as possible to nature.

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