How to Repair Cracked Wood Yourself

how to repair cracked wood

How to Repair Cracked Wood Yourself

When we see our beloved furniture “wounded” by the cracks we feel sad … and is that the wood “suffers” to the inclement weather.

The intense use of wood, and dust and natural wear, causes aging that can crack it.

Fortunately, if we detect it in time, it can be repaired immediately with specific products with which we will restore its natural beauty.

It is important to follow the advice given to preserve the original appearance of the wood.

How to repair cracked wood?

how to repair cracked wood

Returning to the cracked wood its original appearance is simpler when the cracks appeared not so long ago and therefore are small and shallow.

This will occur in all places in the house where we have some wooden furniture or outdoor wood such as walls or windows.

Most of the furniture we use is made of wood, either in its basic constitution or in ornamental elements that serve as details of its different pieces.

What do we need?

To repair any damage to the wood, we will need to start a putty to fill. This will greatly facilitate the subsequent task.

This putty should be easily adapted to any natural damage in the wood. Let’s consider before applying that:

✍️It is important to keep in mind the color of the wood to be repaired because the putty must adapt to the characteristic color of the wood.

✍️If we do not have a putty purchased at the store when repairing, we can make a mixture with the carpenter’s glue, and sawdust and some water.

✍️To obtain the sawdust, we extract it from any repair we make with the sander or saw, or in any carpentry. Depending on the tool used, the sawdust will have a different thickness. A little water should be added to the carpenter’s tail to lighten it to add the sawdust.

✍️After mixing all the components well, e.g. get the putty. This must be added with a spatula to the part to be repaired and allowed to dry for at least 24 hours.

✍️This putty should be left thick enough because when drying it contracts.

✍️With a sheet of sandpaper, the area is reviewed until the surface is smooth.

To complete this repair, it is convenient to apply a paint similar to that of the original wood. This is applied with a specialized product for these repairs. The color of the desired hue can be achieved in spray, or in liquid depending on the carpenter’s preference and the desired accuracy of the original color. We also recommend reading the article on Metal furniture.

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