5 Typical Mistakes When Choosing Stretch Ceilings

5 Typical Mistakes When Choosing Stretch Ceilings

5 Typical Mistakes When Choosing Stretch Ceilings

We want to tell you about the most common misconceptions when buying stretch ceilings. Of course, the desire to save is a good desire, but sometimes it does not lead to the best consequences. Common situation: you saw in advertising a low price for the system “all inclusive”. Having called this company, they told you that yes, it is true, our ceilings are really so cheap. And what materials, in what way, and in general, that they will install for you for such money, very few people are interested. The main thing is 5 Typical Mistakes When Choosing Stretch Ceilingscheap! Remember, no firm will operate at a loss.

Here some typical mistakes when choosing stretch ceilings

5 Typical Mistakes When Choosing Stretch Ceilings

1. Cheap Chinese canvas

When choosing a canvas, it is very important to know from what materials it is made: certified and safe for health or from recycled materials that are not at home, it is dangerous to keep at home! Such cloths contain toxic compounds of heavy metals – mercury, lead, phenol, which, when heated, are released into the surrounding space and become terribly poisonous. And then we wondered where the terrible allergic cough, rash or sharp feeling worsened from. What could be more important than your health or the health of your loved ones?

Conclusion: choose the only film from reputable manufacturers, Quality canvas must have certificates of compliance with environmental standards.

5 Typical Mistakes When Choosing Stretch Ceilings

2. Plastic mounting profile

Few people know that the reliability and durability of the ceiling structure depend on the type of baguette to which the canvas is attached. One of the big advantages of the plastic profile, but at the same time it is its biggest drawback – it is good flexibility. It allows you to quickly and easily create complex structures. But plastic is not the most reliable material, especially if it is cheap. After all, when the web is installed, the room is heated and it can be deformed by the action of high temperature. Even if it is not noticeable to the naked eye, then over time it will definitely affect the whole structure.

Over the years, the plastic profile can be flexed and move away from the wall from strong web tension, and if the plastic is of poor quality, it can crumble or break.

A high-quality aluminum baguette is a rigid structure that withstands heavy shrinkage, is less susceptible to wear, resistant to corrosion and suitable for large premises.

Conclusion: a good profile should be durable, not subject to wear, firmly clamp the fabric and prevent it from breaking.

5 Typical Mistakes When Choosing Stretch Ceilings

3. Shtapikovy method of attachment

With a staple method of mounting, the canvas is fixed in a baguette, but how long it can withstand the load is a question. In the case of an incorrect stretch on the canvas, waves and irregularities can form or it can simply jump out of the profile with time due to the gradual destruction of the plastic baguette or bead.

Another negative point is that with this type of fastening, it is impossible to disassemble the web if necessary. That is, such companies will not be able to give you a long guarantee on the installation, but only on materials.

Of course, its biggest advantage is the lower price compared to harpoon mounting technology. But quality things cannot be cheap. With a harpoon type, the web is cut out on the production with the help of special machines for exact dimensions, which excludes sagging of the web and its even fit in hard-to-reach places.

Conclusion: you can save some money by choosing a company that installs ceilings with plastic baguette. But is it worth playing the lottery when there is an opportunity to be 100% sure of the quality of the whole structure?

5 Typical Mistakes When Choosing Stretch Ceilings

4. The measure is not important.

Do not think that if the company offers to immediately call a measure, then it is only your wallet that interests you, and the rest is unimportant. Very important. We do not get tired of repeating our customers that without a competent measurement, it is impossible to give an exact amount of stretch ceilings. After all, you must see the object live. It is not enough to know just the area of the room. The cost is made up of many factors: the type of canvas, perimeter, lighting, the need to bypass pipes, create complex designs, work on tile and drywall, or in hard-to-reach places, etc.

Conclusion: calling a qualified measurer is a guarantee that the nuances of your premises will be taken into account, and the taken dimensions will be as accurate and as accurate as possible. This will avoid trouble during installation and increase the lifespan of the ceilings.

5 Typical Mistakes When Choosing Stretch Ceilings

5. Intermediary firms

And would you like guest workers or people with low qualifications to come to your installation, who, besides installing stretch ceilings, are also engaged in repairing cars, digging earth or collecting garbage, such are all masters? We doubt. And this is very often the case. And it’s okay if you initially knew who you would be dealing with, and in fact, many “reputable” companies have this practice in their work.

Do you want a guarantee in words or in deeds? If the company works without a contract, think that you will have nowhere to turn in case of a claim, service or warranty repair,

If the company works under the contract, you will be insured against all unforeseen situations. And some companies give a guarantee even for that, for example, if you were flooded with neighbors from above. Great? Why not take advantage of such a great offer.

The result: always weighed and consciously approach the issue of choosing stretch ceilings. Choose only proven and reliable companies and do not fall for advertising tricks, where you are promised the best at a low price. Always enter into a contract, because the only way you will protect yourself from fraudsters.

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