What to Match with a Classic White Sofa?

White Sofa

What to Match with a Classic White Sofa?

Where do you start when you have to furnish a new living room or when you simply have to renovate it? An excellent starting point, to understand space management well, is certainly the sofa. And among the sofas, the white models are undoubtedly the most versatile, loved, and purchased ones. Here are some quick tips to understand how to organize or adapt a white upholstery, depending on the size, style, tastes, and, of course, on the space available.

1. Complements with graphic designs to expand the space

Little space? Duotone and geometry are the two magic words. The lines and graphic games such as the lozenges, chosen for the carpets and cushions, are a very valid ploy to give depth to the sofa making it seem bigger.

2. Choose a maximum of two other colorsWhite Sofa

If the geometric prints are combined with the choice of a two-tone color in addition to white, such as beige and black, the mix is ??perfect.

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The choice of two colors to organize, as in the photo, between small accessories and textile elements, amplifies the space giving the whole a welcoming and contemporary look.

3. Gray and black, the right elegance

Another solution to bring refinement to the whole, similar to the previous one but more characterizing, is to focus on textile elements with strong (but always prudent) colors such as black and dark gray. A choice that is simple to make and of great taste that will give the white sofa a new allure that is certainly more refined.

4. Pastel colors to bring lightnessWhite Sofa

To obtain an informal but less obvious and particularly bright conversation corner that has a white sofa as its heart, you can focus on the mix between a pastel shade and natural materials. A shade suitable for creating a perfect balance is, for example, light pink which mixed with the softer tones of natural wood, and materials such as straw or raffia (perhaps for a carpet) gives a high-quality result that will not betray the expectations.

5. Gilding and teal diazepam for sale color for a “contemporary modernism”

White sofas, natural materials, many green plants, and furnishing elements with a gold finish are the ideal recipe for a contemporary decor style halfway between a revisited Jungalow and vintage with clean lines. Ideal for those who have a large living room and want to rethink the sofa area. To make everything even more special, you can think of introducing a color such as teal. Declined in an ultra-chic material such as velvet, it will be the extra ingredient to embellish the whole and give even more originality to the space built around the white sofas.

6. Shades of white

Small living room and new sofa? White is always a great idea for upholstery because it will be perfect for creating a cozy and calm ensemble.

In order not to trivialize the whole, the advice is to play within a scale of whites, as warm as possible, interspersed with some sporadic colors and the (very important) use of wood. The materials, in fact, a bit like colors, work together to bring out the complementary shades of white.

7. Bringing White Out of Color

A white sofa in a room with a bold color (such as an intense ultramarine blue) is the perfect canvas to play with quirky pop brushstrokes. Here, a contemporary and essential white upholstery enriched by well-chosen cushions becomes a luminous object that completely transforms the layout of the space. To balance the contrast between the white element and the colored wall. You can play with small furnishings and elements in traditional colors, beige and brown among them.

8. Furnishing the back wallWhite Sofa

Finally, in this solution, the sofa is no longer the center. But the stage that highlights the opposite wall, the great protagonist of the environment. Embellished and characterized by photos, portraits, and drawings. It gives the whole quality and warmth: the sofa, in this way, does not need anything else. If your upholstery is an ultra-classic model that you want to recover, work on the backdrop and enrich the upholstery by mixing cushions at will which in the colors match the tone of the wall.