Tips to get a vintage bathroom

vintage bathroom

Tips to get a vintage bathroom

The vintage style is fashionable. It is a type of delicate, pleasant, and very charming decoration. We have talked about vintage kitchens on many occasions, even bedrooms. And the bathroom? A vintage bathroom is a real sweetheart. Far from what we can imagine, it is not so difficult to achieve this aesthetic. Do you want to know how to do it?

Tips to get a vintage bathroom

We will talk about various aspects, such as coatings, taps, and bathroom accessories. We will give you the keys so that you can create your own vintage bathroom at home. Take note and enjoy.

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The wall tiles of a vintage bathroomvintage bathroom

Perhaps the most important part of a vintage bathroom is the wall tiles. They are capable of giving it that old and delicate touch. You have many options. On the one hand, it should be noted that bathrooms with white cladding are the most in-demand. Now, it is not necessary to use the square or rectangular tiles, you can dare with other more striking models such as the hexagonal or the subway type tiles that have been carried so much in recent years. In addition, you can also bet on hydraulic tiles. This type of mosaic adds a touch of color to the bathrooms and toilets, either on the floor or on the walls.

Mix tiles and paint

Vintage bathrooms don’t just use tiles. There are environments in which the wall is divided. Coat the bottom with tiles or even wood, and reserve the top for painting. A contrast that will give dynamism to the bathroom.

Freestanding bathtub and alternatives for the bathroom area

We cannot deny that freestanding bathtubs are one of the most interesting elements in a vintage bathroom. Elegant, different, and with that vintage and old touch that you are looking for. However, it is true that not all bathrooms have enough space to place them. What other option can we use? Built-in bathtubs with rounded shapes or opt for a natural stone shower tray. Use it without fear, as the stone is very durable and easy to maintain.

Take care of your furniturevintage bathroom

The bathroom furniture will also be a determining piece in this vintage style. The natural wood gives good results, but can also be an excellent idea to bet on aged white furniture. Look for models with a certain old-fashioned aesthetic, with decoration on their doors and with details such as round mirrors. As for the washbasin itself, those that are located on the countertop are the most successful for this decorative style.