Tricks to gain space in children’s rooms

The shortage of square meters is one of the most typical problems of existing homes. Luckily, there are many tricks you can perform to this lack of space and not too note that our home is a beautiful, comfortable and welcoming despite the size.

One of the rooms that can further noted the lack of square meters room is the child . However, the smallest of the house also need space to play, do homework and rest. Even as the school year has just started, today we give you some tricks to gain space in the children’s bedroom. Would you like to join us?

Childrens rooms
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Raised beds

The first trick that we propose is that resort to high beds, as this type of furniture exploit the space vertically. You’ll be able take advantage of the gap left under the bed to place the desktop or to create a playground. If it is a shared children’s room it is a good idea to opt for the type bunk beds and train, which also benefit from space. Of course, in very small rooms you can also choose foldaway beds, which hide when not in use.

Beds with storage

The shortage of square meters in a children’s room carries a serious problem: the lack of square meters for storage. And it is that small household belongings accumulate more than we think. Therefore, it is good idea to choose beds with storage space.

Childrens rooms
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Opt for white

Another good tip for decorating small children ‘s rooms is choosing white for the walls, ceiling and furniture, as this color reflects light and makes spaces appear larger than they really are.Yes, so that the space is not too cold or boring, it is important that you add splashes of bright colors through textiles, accessories and decorative objects. The room IKEA you can see in the picture below is a good example, since it mainly white but other colors are also included.

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Many times we leave the lighting in the background, but the truth is that this factor is very important when visually expand the space. Therefore, that potencies the most of natural light in the room if your child square meters absent, is essential. How? For light colors betting not placing pieces of furniture against high light sources and picking light curtains. As for the artificial light, it is best to opt for a white light that illuminates the entire stay and place other points of light: a table lamp on the bedside table, a reading lamp on the desk, decorative lights …

Childrens rooms
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The most suitable furniture

When choosing furniture for a small child’s room the best option is to use the pieces of furniture, which are the best use of space. In this sense, the ideal is to opt for solutions that leverage the vertical space as shelves or wall cabinets. On the other hand, it is always a good idea to bet on the closets wardrobes and by incorporating sliding doors.

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