Top 10 tips for fitting laminate flooring yourself

Top 10 tips for fitting laminate flooring yourself

You’re about to settle into your new home in Manchester. The mortgage is done, the Estate agent is good and the Conveyancing Solicitors Manchester based company of https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/conveyancing-solicitors/conveyancing-solicitors-Manchester are on the case. You can finally start to think about your new home and a nice bit of laminate flooring might not be a bad idea.

If you’re planning to get a laminate floor you may be able to fit it yourself. We’ve got 10 top tips to help.

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1. Pick the right floor

Before you attempt to fit your flooring you need to know what you’re working with. The simplest option is laminate boards designed to slot together.

2. Get the right colour

Now you know what kind of laminate to look for you still have to get the right colour. You may like the classic wood look, but laminate is now available in styles such as tile and slate.

3. Where is it going

Bathroom? Hall? Kitchen? Wherever you are going to lay laminate you’ll have to measure up to get the right amount.

4. Noisy neighbours

You could become one if you get a laminate floor and don’t think about the sound it can create. If it’s in an area you walk on regularly it’s worth considering cushioning the floor.

5. Get some underlay

If being a noisy neighbour is a concern then laying underlay is a great option. It’ll also help protect your new flooring from moisture and will make it feel great to walk on.

6. Prep your floor

Before you lay underlay and laminate you need to make sure the original floor is ready. Ideally, it should be smooth and level to give the best results.
7. Which way?

Before you start you need to think how can you fit laminate floors? Laying the boards in different directions could really change a space so it’s worth trying out first.

8. Skirting boards

Another thing to do before you start fitting is remove your skirting boards if you can. Leave a gap to account for them, then once the laminate is down and they’re back on your room should look seamless.

9. Fitting

With your prep done you can start fitting your floor. Start in a corner and put boards down the longest wall slotting them into place, tapping gently with a hammer. Once that’s done, simply move on to the next row.

10. Finish off

Once you are done simply leave your floor to adjust to the temperature of your home. Laminate is a ‘floating floor’, not glued down, so it will expand and contract a little.