Tiles with geometric decoration: Ideas that inspire!

If you like the geometry you’ve proven that to me too … Several DIY I have taught you lately, like that to make your own geometric lamp or a decorative shelves, but today I want to focus on the tiles that you can introduce into your home to get designing spaces with lots of personality. We will see everything below. Do you dare with geometric decoration? The results can be amazing.

Style tiles

The pottery has evolved over the years, both technically and aesthetically. So you can now find tiles that have nothing to do with lining the walls and floors of the houses in as many years. Of course, if you want to give a retro or vintage feel you can do so by using designs that resemble what was placed in the seventies and eighties, but with materials, shapes and creations completely renovated.

Geometric tiles
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Tiles in the bathroom

One of the most common places where it is to see this kind of geometric tiles is the bathroom.The can put on the floor or on a wall, or at both sites to create a decoration with a lot of personality. If you decide to do so is to be printed complementary to not overcrowd the space.When in doubt, because it can be risky, just choose an area to place them.

Only on the floor

If you opted to place the tiles on the floor the result will be lighter, and even if you choose a strong stamping it can be combined with a smooth and neutral coating on the walls , to balance the stay.

Geometric tiles
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Here come into play your tastes. Bathrooms are generally small places so always go for light colors help visually enlarge the space. Even if the tiles will not occupy an excessively large surface you can always play with colors more vivid and powerful.

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Geometric tiles in the kitchen

Another of the rooms where we can place these types of tiles with geometric design is the kitchen. Here, too, you have several options: only on the floor, on the walls, on the front wall of the working area … great with all kinds of materials such as wood, glass or aluminum combine.

Geometric tiles
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The forms

Again here we fly to the imagination. You can opt for triangular tiles round or hexagonal , widely used in decorating a while now ; They look great anywhere and give an original and different touch to interior design of the house.

Hydraulic tiles

The hydraulic tiles are another type of tiles that appeared during the nineteenth century in France to offer a cheaper and simpler alternative to elaborate compared to what was then in the market. Currently they used mostly for decorating floors of different rooms, to give them that retro air that characterizes them. Their motives may also geometric and, therefore, become an excellent option to place in your bathroom, kitchen or terrace. Although if you dare you you can even put in the lounge.

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